Check Out the Top Webinars of 2020

You didn’t ask. We delivered anyway.

Here’s the top 10 webinars of 2020.

Disclaimer: We did not count eLBX Online this year like we did in 2019. It simply wouldn’t have been fair to all the other sessions.

#10 - Finding Your Happy During Work, A Pandemic & the Holidays!

We were pleased to host Beth Thomas, the CEO of Change4Growth and author of Powered By Happy in this fantastic webinar. Her data-driven presentation got us thinking about how much employee happiness improves the bottom line.

With loads of practical advice on how to increase your happiness at work, keep a virtual workforce engaged, and spread that happiness everywhere you go, this webinar was useful to the last drop.

View the recording here.

#9 - May the Workforce Be with You

This star-studded webinar came to us towards the beginning of a worldwide work-from-home initiative giving us loads of great ideas for maximizing digital meeting effectiveness.

Attendees saw first-hand how you can use The Training Arcade®—specifically the game of Jeopardy®—to bring your workforce together for some lighthearted interaction to reinforce key points in a fun way.

The presenter panel included eLearning Brothers VP of Customer Success and VP of Marketing, Richard Vass and Trent Howell, as well as The Game Agency’s Co-Founder Stephen Baer, and Managing Partner Richard Lowenthal.

View the recording here.

#8 - 5 Keys to Unlock Storytelling in Your eLearning

With examples from beloved movies such as Star Wars, Rocky, and The Lord of the Rings, this webinar dove into what makes a good story, and how you can apply those principles to an eLearning course or curriculum.

Among other takeaways, you’ll learn a bit about David Thornburg’s archetypal learning spaces and how storytelling has a place in each one.

Are you currently using story in your eLearning? Let us know in our community poll.

View the recording here.

#7 - Behind the Scenes of Creating a Stylish Course Theme

Design paralysis is a real thing. Sometimes you open up a fresh project and that blank page just doesn’t speak to you. In this webinar eLearning Brothers Developer Alan Marquez breaks down the design elements of our most popular course starter eLearning templates.

Learn how to put together a style guide, create a template, and add your design elements.

View the recording here.

#6 - Build Microlearning at the Speed of Light With Lectora Templates

The brilliant guest in this webinar was Bill Milstid, one of eLearning Brothers expert eLearning Developers. He covered light storyboarding, using templates and assets to expedite your process, and several tips and tricks when building your course.

He also answered many questions in regards to Lectora’s functionality.

View the recording here.

#5 - Designing Impactful eLearning Experiences

Have you heard of the eLearning Design Map? It’s a very useful tool designed to consolidate all the different instructional design methods and strategies into one streamlined strategy, and it was developed by Mohamed Elkhouly.

In this webinar he explained how the map is not a new instructional design model, but rather an agile project management tool that can be used in many many ways.

View the recording here.

#4 - eLearning Brothers Acquires Trivantis and Knowledgelink: What That Means for You

This was the big news of 2020: eLearning Brothers acquired Trivantis, the creators and purveyors of Lectora, ReviewLink, CourseMill, and CenarioVR, and Edulance, the creators of the LMS Knowledgelink.

In this first announcement webinar, eLearning Brothers CEO Andrew Scivally gave a glimpse of the roadmap of the future. “Lectora is here to stay. We have the same products, but we’re going to be able to build more of them.” This has been exemplified throughout the year following as Lectora had a large update in version 19 and the Lectora Early Access Program launched for Lectora 21. In January of 2021 Knowledgelink was overhauled into the Rockstar Learning Platform offering loads of new and cutting edge features that make it a fantastic corporate learning platform.

View the recording here.

#3 - How To Make PowerPoint More Engaging with Games

In the number three spot is another fantastic webinar with our friends at The Game Agency. Co-Founder Stephen Baer taught about defining game-based training goals, identifying the right game for the need, creating games in PowerPoint, and more!

View the recording here.

#2 - Audio Editing 101: Learn to Use Adobe Audition

In the number two slot is a great session focused on audio editing. There are many audio editing softwares available, but this webinar covered Adobe Audition. eLearning Brothers developer Bill Andrus showed how to read a waveform, set up for a recording session, use the waveform editor, apply filters for noise reduction and quality improvement, and more!

Read the in-depth recap here.

#1 - Flipped Learning 2.0 - A Learning Theory Updated for a Virtual World

The number one webinar was with guest Domenic Caloia, Senior Learning Developer from Johnson Controls. He discussed topics such as flipped learning, the learner intelligence adaptive design model, and the three steps to adaptive design.

View the recording here.

What were your favorite webinars of 2020? How many of these top 10 did you attend? Let us know in the comments.

As we move further into 2021, we have even more fantastic webinars scheduled for you to check out.