Webinars You Watched The Most In 2019


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eLearning Brothers hosts at least one webinar a week—adding up to 80 webinars in 2019. These range in topic from tips for how to use eLearning tools such as Adobe Captivate, dominKnow, Camtasia and others, to inspiring thoughts from industry thought leaders.

If you’re wondering which of those 80 sessions you may want to go back and review, here are some of the most popular and important webinars that we’ve hosted in 2019.

2019 Webinar Highlights


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#10 Time-Saving PowerPoint Hacks You Need to Know

Our PowerPoint master Andrew Vass gave a great presentation covering many great tips such as Presentation Mode, the Pen Tool, Zoom, and image compression. It’s a great kickstart guide to someone preparing to give a presentation using PowerPoint. Watch now.


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#9 What is xAPI and Why Should You Care?

As a part of our eLBX Online event we brought Mike Hruska of Problem Solutions. He’s a master of great use of SCORM and xAPI and how to integrate your course data into your LMS and/or LRS. If you’re looking at improving the backend of your eLearning programs, this is a great session to review. Watch now.


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#8 Demystifying 508 Compliance Parameters for eLearning Projects

Over 57 million Americans have a disability. This fact was part of a presentation by Michelle Echevarria, a guest presenter and Instructional Media Manager for JBS, in this webinar. She talked about identifying key questions to help you provide the best solutions for your learners. Watch now.


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#7 Learning Experience Design vs Instructional Design 

Our own Dr. Marty Rosenheck taught us that Learning Experience Design is becoming more and more mainstream. In fact there are many Instructional Designers who are changing their titles to Learning Experience Designers. This is a great session to review if you’re looking at improving your learners engagement in their training, and ensuring it is effective. Watch now.


Writing (And Designing) Much More Better- Part 2_Blog Header 800x350

#6 Writing (And Designing) Much More Better: Part 2 

This was the second part of a short series on instructional writing. Part one was also extremely popular. Learn how to make realistic dialogue, engaging instructions, conversational narration, and more! Watch now.


A Beginner_s Guide to Storyboarding for eLearning_Blog Header 800x350

#5 A Beginner’s Guide to Storyboarding for eLearning 

Now we know you’re always looking at finding ways to produce content faster. Storyboarding is one great way to get the results you need in a timely manner. But making storyboarding efficient and effective may be difficult. One of our custom development instructional designers, Monica Newell, gave this great presentation to help you become proficient at storyboarding. Watch now.


Going Vyond Basic to Create Award-winning Instructional Videos_Blog Header 800x350

#4 Going Vyond Basic to Create Award-winning Instructional Videos 

Videos are great. They get more traction on social media, and they hold the attention of your learners much more effectively. And yet creating videos is not always super easy. In this webinar we brought in Brigham Sunday of Storybox Studios to talk to us about the video creation tool Vyond. Watch now.


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#3 The Timesaving Effect of Storyboarding 

Our guest Tim Reed, Operations Training Manager at Secureworks, gave us loads of examples of the importance of storyboarding, as well as tips and tricks on how to do it well in PowerPoint 365. Watch now.


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#2 Streamline Your Storyboards 

Storyboarding was very popular this year. In another eLBX Online session our usability expert Josh Bleggi covered the systematic approach to storyboard creation. He talked about the benefits of using a Storyboard Design System, how to use Course Starters in your own Story Boarding Design System, and presented a case study showing how we’ve streamlined our storyboarding process. Watch now.


Design Thinking Meets Instructional Design_Blog Header 800x350

#1 Design Thinking Meets Instructional Design

Our most popular webinar of the year was the first session of eLBX Online. There Chris Willis, Senior Product Manager, talked about how design thinking aligns with instructional design, the five stages of design thinking, and how you can change your thinking and better engage your learners, SMEs, and stakeholders. Watch now.

Did you attend any of these webinars live?

Are there any webinars that you attended and really enjoyed that did not make it on this list? Let us know!