Webinar: How To Make PowerPoint More Engaging with Games


In this webinar, we dove into making a PowerPoint presentation more engaging using different types of games.

Many organizations don’t have authoring tools or the bandwidth to create complex eLearning games, but still want to provide engaging content to their learners. With tools like The Training Arcade®, pre-built templates, and a little creativity, you can deliver fun learning games without an authoring tool!

Watch the webinar recording below to learn more about:

  • Defining game-based training goals
  • Identifying the right games
  • Creating games in PowerPoint
  • Importing HTML games into PowerPoint
  • Determining ROI of games

Why Games?

Games get your learners to engage with your content more and thus, retain information.

As you’re deciding what type of game to put into your training, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself.

1. What performance objectives do you want to improve?

Some game types are better for certain objectives than others. Do you want your employees to improve their decision-making skills or do you want to ensure they can recall key information at the right time?

2. What type of player experience do you want to have?

Are you looking for a more collaborative game (for example, the tabletop game Pandemic) or a competitive experience (like the Bears Versus Babies card game)?

3. How do you plan to use these games?

Will they be instructor-led or embedded into eLearning?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you can find the right game for your needs.

eLearning Brothers and The Game Agency offer a variety of games in The Training Arcade®, including a Scenarios game, a trivia game, and more. Each one maps to different learning objectives. These games are easily customizable with your own questions and content. They publish to HTML5 and can be embedded into a course in any authoring tool or published as SCORM and delivered via your LMS.

Sign up for a free trial of The Training Arcade and check out all the different games for free.


If you don’t have an authoring tool or an LMS, never fear! You can create awesome games in PowerPoint.

Our developer Calvin walked attendees through a few different PowerPoint game examples on the webinar.

The first game Calvin showed is available in our PowerPoint Template Library for anyone with a subscription or a free trial. It’s called Maze Master and it’s incredibly easy to edit and customize.

In the game, the player is trying to guide their avatar through a maze and each intersection prompts a question that either results in the player going the right way or hitting a dead end.

Maze Master PowerPoint game question slide
Maze Master PowerPoint game feedback slide

This game is built without Macros. It’s essentially multiple slides that link to each other like a branching scenario. A developer could customize it in an hour or two by replacing the text of the questions and the feedback slides. You could also build this from scratch but it would take longer to set up all the links and animate the avatar. Check out this article for more information on getting started with games in PowerPoint.

Calvin showed two more examples of more complex games that you can build in PowerPoint.

Watch the webinar recording now to see them:



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