Webinar: eLearning Brothers Acquires Trivantis and Knowledgelink - What That Means for You

eLearning Brothers Acquires Trivantis and Knowledgelink - What That Means for You

eLearning Brothers has acquired Trivantis and Edulence! 

We hosted a webinar with Andrew Scivally, eLearning Brothers CEO, John Blackmon, eLearning Brothers CTO (and Trivantis co-founder), and Jon Tota, Founder of Knowledgelink, to answer some questions about what this acquisition means for the eLearning industry. You can watch the recording below to hear all the juicy details or read on for the most commonly asked questions.

Our mission at eLearning Brothers is to help you become an eLearning ROCKSTAR™. Consider this acquisition the beginning of our global tour—we’re taking everything to the next level!

Our headquarters will remain in American Fork, Utah, but we’re adding the Trivantis office in Florida, with all its employees, and the entire Knowledgelink team in New York City. We’re very happy to say that there will be no layoffs as a result of this acquisition.

As a general roadmap, you can expect to see even more features and innovations that will help you build, deliver, and manage more personalized, integrated, and measurable learning and development programs.


Why Trivantis and Knowledgelink?

We wanted to marry content—still at the levels of awesomeness that we’ve always offered in our asset libraries, courseware, and custom development—with technology to create an eLearning solution that can encompass all of that. 

Trivantis is a pioneer in the eLearning authoring industry, starting with Lectora, the first eLearning authoring tool developed over twenty years ago, to its most recent tool,  CenarioVR for immersive learning. For a long time, Trivantis has been a great partner with eLearning Brothers, and eLearning Brothers also started partnering with Knowledgelink in 2019. Since Knowledgelink is a phenomenal learning management system with great capabilities around assessment and video, it’s been a great fit.

What’s happening to Lectora?

Only good things! “Lectora is here to stay. We have the same products, but we’re going to be able to build more of them. We have the same people, but now there are more of us. We have the opportunity to grow and get into areas we didn’t because now we have all the pieces together,” said John Blackmon. “We just have a lot more possibilities in every facet of eLearning.”

“We are keeping the Lectora products,” Andrew Scivally assured everyone on the webinar. “We will be adding new features, working on things around the interface, the flow. We will continue to not only maintain Lectora desktop and Online but to grow the products.”

What’s happening to CourseMill?

CourseMill will continue to be supported. “If you’re happy on CourseMill, that’s great!” said Scivally. “We are not getting rid of CourseMill and the same developers and support team are still there.” In fact, a new release of CourseMill is right around the corner. There are simply more options for you now with Knowledgelink being added to the band.

What’s happening to the Trivantis Community and other support channels?

We are committed to supporting Lectora developers and CourseMill clients every step of the way! The Trivantis Community will continue to exist with a rockin’ new name and we look forward to future growth. The formal support team will stay in place, and with this acquisition, the Customer Experience team is only getting bigger. We’ll always be looking for additional ways to improve your experience and support.

What’s happening to Trivantis’ international business?

While eLearning Brothers has conducted limited business in international markets, such business has been historically important for Trivantis. We will continue conducting business internationally and work toward its steady growth. Our resellers are also excited that they now have more to sell!

Is pricing changing? Will there be new bundles? Should I wait to buy?

We are exploring the best options for bundles. Our focus on such will be what's best for the users and how to give you even more value. If you’re looking to start using one of these tools now, don’t wait to make your purchase and start creating awesomeness. If there are future pricing changes and bundling options, we’ll take care of you.

Is eLearning Brothers going to stop building templates for Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline?

We understand that many teams use multiple development tools and we’re going to continue building assets for other authoring tools as well. We’ve built our business by being good partners with many providers in the eLearning industry and will continue to do so. We want to help everyone be eLearning rockstars.

Tell us more about Knowledgelink?

Knowledgelink is a very user-friendly LMS. It flexes and is very adaptable to a lot of different business models and training models. Bringing our combined forces together opens up a lot of opportunities.

“Customer success has been a real strength of ours,” said Jon Tota. “We’ve seen immediately the commitment to customer success and the culture at eLearning Brothers and our teams are meshing really well together. John Blackmon and I have already started experimenting with Knowledgelink and CenarioVR. It’s becoming one of the first true VR LMS platforms!”

Watch the recording to learn more about the acquisition and where eLearning Brothers is going in the future!

How can I try out these new products?

Sign up for a free trial or schedule a demo! We have many ways for you to dive in and experience our rockstar learning solutions.