Webinar: Flipped Learning 2.0 - A Learning Theory Updated for a Virtual World

Flipped Learning 2.0 - A Learning Theory Updated for a Virtual World

The pandemic-driven move towards virtual learning is challenging training departments across the globe. Popular training techniques, such as Flipped Learning, which transforms the group learning space into the individual learning space, can be difficult to execute in an online environment - but that doesn't have to be the case!

In our recent webinar, Domenic Caloia, Senior Learning Developer from Johnson Controls and regular conference speaker, demonstrated how to combine the familiar Flipped Learning Model with cutting-edge adaptive design techniques to create a personalized experience.

In this webinar, Domenic covered:

  • Flipped Learning
  • Learner Intelligence (LI) Adaptive Design Model
  • 3 Steps to Adaptive Design

He also shared the Lectora® code he used to design this adaptive learning solution. You can download the course files here.

Why flipped learning?

If an instructional designer can find a way to improve the self-learning part of blended learning, the instructor-led part can also become more effective. Domenic’s goal is to strengthen the autonomous learning portion of flipped learning using adaptive learning techniques.

Prior to the webinar, attendees were able to take a test course and experience the personalized adaptive learning concept. During the webinar, Domenic shared the results of how learners accessed the course and in what order they visited pages. It was amazing to see how differently everyone navigated through the course.

The results reveal what sections learners were most interested in. A course designer can use those results to evaluate the course content. For example, which sections need more work to be more engaging? Which sections might not be relevant and could be dropped?

To make the flipped learning model better, Domenic recommends catering to the needs of the learner. Give them some control over the course and let them learn how they want to learn.

Learner Intelligence Adaptive Design Model benefits

Watch the webinar recording now to see all of Domenic’s learner intelligence tips:

Test drive Domenic's adaptive learning course here and download the course templates for Lectora or Storyline here.

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