New Course Starter Templates for All Tools

If only there were a way to put together a professional-looking, high-quality eLearning course in just minutes…

Oh wait, there is! Course Starter Templates!

These popular packs of layouts, interactions, and quiz templates include everything you need to build an elegant, mobile-ready course. We include helpful developer notes, built-in xAPI statements, and we’ve gone ahead and given you a head start on Section 508 compliance.

Even better? We have rapid eLearning templates available for all major authoring tools: Lectora, Adobe Captivate, and Articulate Storyline.

We're always working on fresh new designs for our eLearning Template Library and today we have several new templates ready for you to download!

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Check out Torch, the newest Course Starter template design for Lectora.


Lectora developers will love creating eLearning with these stylish red and gray layouts (or “scarlet and charcoal” if you’re being fancy). The Torch Course Starter template for Lectora is bold, geometric, and ready to wow your learners.

Download Torch Course Starter for Lectora now.

  • Compatible with Lectora 18, Lectora 19, and Lectora Online.

Don’t worry, Storyline users. We have a new template design for you too. And this is one of my favorite of our newest eLearning template designs.

Introducing Safari Course Starter template for Storyline.

You can build some pretty wild eLearning with these layouts and interactions. Monochromatic animal print backgrounds add texture and richness without going too crazy. I know animal print can veer a little on the cheesy side, but not this time.

Download Safari Course Starter for Storyline now.

  • Compatible with Storyline 3/Storyline 360.

Captivate developers might be the luckiest today, because we added TWO new Course Starter templates built in Adobe Captivate.

I know I said the Safari template pack for Storyline developers was my favorite, but...I might have lied. I really like this Philosopher Course Starter for Captivate.

Check out the Philosopher layouts, interactions, and quiz—all built natively in Captivate.

Gradients of pink, orange, and gold shapes glow like embers against a purple-gray background. Elegant header fonts and clean lines complete a design that will draw your learners in.

Download Philosopher Course Starter for Captivate now.

  • Compatible with Captivate 2019.

Last but not least is the Reef Course Starter template pack for Captivate users.

Small details, like subtle wave doodles in the background and curving blue dividers, give this design big style. A blue and white only color palette keeps things grounded.

Download Reef Course Starter for Captivate now.

  • Compatible with Captivate 2019.

All of these template packs include a variety of layout designs, pre-built eLearning interactions like branching scenarios and drag and drop knowledge checks, and a quiz. They also include a themed icon set and character packs.

There are enough different designs for you to mix and match and develop multiple eLearning modules with a cohesive design theme.

Download a Course Starter for Lectora, Captivate, or Storyline today and you’ll be building complete courses in no time!

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