Webinar: May The Workforce Be With You

May the Workforce Be with You

Your workers may be socially distanced right now, but you can still help them feel close to each other through virtual meetings that rock!

Richard Vass and Trent Howell from eLearning Brothers were joined by Stephen Baer, Richard Lowenthal and Mark Gindick from The Game Agency to lead attendees in a game of Jeopardy!®

Attendees saw first-hand how you can use the games in The Training Arcade® to bring your workforce together for some lighthearted interaction at the beginning of your next conference call, or reinforce key points in a fun way at the end of a virtual presentation.

As the team played through a live Jeopardy!® game, the questions revealed best practices for digital meetings. The Jeopardy!® game can support visual clues as photos or videos, as well as text-only clues. You'll see a mix of them in the video below.

Best Practices for Digital Meetings & Presentations

  • Turn on your webcam for higher engagement and personal connections with your coworkers.
  • Allow a few minutes for casual chit chat at the beginning of your meetings. Many of us are missing social interaction and a sense of community right now.
  • Use images and even interactive gifs to reinforce your content. Visuals help improve learner attentiveness and memory retention.
  • Share meeting agendas in advance so everyone is on the same page and knows exactly what the action items are. This cuts down on wasted time in meetings.
  • Let others in your household know when you’re headed into a meeting. Sharing your calendar with your spouse or roommates can help prevent unexpected interruptions.
  • Displaying leaderboards and adding other gamification techniques can motivate learners and push them to stay involved and active.
  • You’ll experience the best audio quality with a wired microphone/headset. Just make sure it’s actually plugged in before the call starts!
  • Don’t forget: content is king. Games add a lot of fun, but it’s up to you to make sure that the content in them is engaging and thought-provoking.

Watch the webinar recording to see how it all works and get more virtual meeting tips:

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