Access Our Cutout People Inside Microsoft PowerPoint and other Microsoft 365 Apps

Do you love how easy it is to create great-looking learning content and presentations with your Microsoft 365 subscription?

Using Microsoft 365 apps like PowerPoint in conjunction with downloaded templates and graphics from our site makes rapid eLearning development easy.

But what if you didn’t have to download them? What if they were already waiting for you inside PowerPoint?

Well, you’re in luck!

Microsoft 365 subscribers can now access our Cutout People right inside PowerPoint and other Microsoft 365 apps.

No need to download characters from our library and then import them into your PowerPoint presentation.

Simply go to Insert, Pictures, Stock Images, and then Cutout People.

Here you can scroll through all the different characters and find the one that best fits your project. Choose from 19 different characters in a variety of ages, ethnicities, attire, and poses all right inside PowerPoint.


Showing a human face is always more engaging than slide after slide of bullet points and data. Plus, adding a cutout person that matches your learner demographic is a great way to ensure your learning content resonates with your target audience.

Choose your character, click Insert and your character will automatically be added to your slide.

All the Cutout People have transparent backgrounds and can be resized and moved around to your heart’s content. Try them out with the suggested Design Ideas from PowerPoint or with our PowerPoint templates.


Whether you’re creating corporate training, a fiscal report, or a lunch and learn for your team, it’s so easy to add some personality with the eLearning Brothers Cutout People inside your Microsoft 365 subscription!*

Try it out and ROCK your next presentation!

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*Cutout People integration is not available in perpetual licenses or older versions of Microsoft PowerPoint.