eLearning Brothers Announces Biggest Cutout Character Release in Company History

Modern and Diverse Characters Support Vision for More Effective and Inclusive Learning

AMERICAN FORK, UTAH — April 13, 2022 — Leading learning technology provider eLearning Brothers today announced the addition of 146 new sets of cutout characters to its Asset Library.

Each set of cutout characters features multiple poses and outfits to fit every eLearning need. In addition, some new character sets include Adobe Photoshop files so learning designers can easily change clothing colors. For healthcare organizations, being able to accurately represent your hospital or office’s color of scrubs brings additional realism to your training. Many other industries will also benefit from these color-changing files.

“Learning content is more engaging when the learners can see themselves reflected in the content,” states Andrew Scivally, CEO for eLearning Brothers. “Our latest cutout character release delivers a diverse selection of cutout characters of many ages, ethnicities, and attire—from casual jeans to business suits. Continuing our mission to help organizations create better learning experiences, this release gives our customers even more resources to do that.”

This latest release adds 17,586 individual images to the library; the entire library of cutout characters totals well over 100,000.

The eLearning Brothers Asset Library includes everything—cutout characters, stock images, course templates, audio, and video—that eLearning professionals need to rapidly create high-quality content that reflects their learner demographic and workplace environment.

For more information, visit eLearningBrothers.com to get a free trial of the entire Asset Library, including the new cutout characters.

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