Webinar: Add Some Style to Your PowerPoint Presentations


The eLearning Brothers PowerPoint Templates & Graphics Library can help you build stunning presentations in minutes! Senior Graphic Designer Stacey Wilhelmsen showed webinar attendees how you can add some style to your PowerPoint presentations using our PowerPoint Template Styles and other graphics from the library.

First, Stacey introduced viewers to our PowerPoint Styles. These are groups of templates all created with the same design theme so you can mix and match them in your projects. You can find charts, icons, and more for each theme. The theme Stacey is showing off in this webinar is Montserrat.

Where do you get these awesome PowerPoint templates?

In the eLearning Brothers Asset Library > PowerPoint Templates & Graphics.

Easy-to-edit Features

We built these templates with easy of use in mind. Here are a few of the ways we make it easy for you to quickly and efficiently build amazing PowerPoint presentations:

  • The design themes come with subtle animations and transitions already built-in for you.
  • We build these with as few master slides as possible, so editing is simple and straightforward for you.
  • Anything that’s part of the background image or design is on a master slide. That makes it easier to edit elements on the main slide without accidentally moving elements of the background design around.
  • Design elements are all built using PowerPoint’s native shapes and can be edited.
  • All PowerPoint templates are built using system fonts so you can easily change them and you don't have to worry about fonts not showing up or displaying differently on a learner's computer.

Stacey also showed how easy it is to add in files from another PowerPoint template file to the project you’re working on.

  • Open the new template file, select all slides, right-click, copy, and paste into your existing project.

In addition, Stacey shared how to edit .SVG files in PowerPoint and easy ways to switch out cutout characters, background images, and more.

Learn more tips for using our PowerPoint templates & graphics in the recording below.

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