Cutout Character of the Week: Madeline

Picture this:

Today’s pitch meeting is an important one. There’s not much time to convince the executives in attendance that this product will be a success. You need someone with charisma. Someone who can keep the pitch entertaining. And someone who can also pitch with poise that will give the executives confidence in your product. Pitching requires a delicate balance of friendly and assertive, and for Madeline balancing it all is second nature. 

Introducing the cutout Madeline, our girl with charm, decisiveness, and style!

Madeline is a go-getter with an infectious confidence that gets people up and go-getting with her. 

Cutout Character of the Week- Madeline_Character Collage 600x400

She’s available in 4 different outfits, each with several poses. 

Outfit 1: Pumped to get the brainstorming ideas sparking.

There are endless possibilities racing through the ethers and Madeline will chase down every single one. Brainstorm thunder echoes through the office when she’s on the job. This outfit will get your learners excited to jump feet-first into your project.

Outfit 2: Pretty and in charge.

She’s done with your crap. The foot is coming down, and it’s gonna look very chic. This outfit would pair very well with any rules that need explaining. 

Outfit 3: Cool aunt on her way to spoil her sister’s kids at the family reunion. 

The adorable hat and classy frames scream “I’m intelligent and I know how to have a good time.” In this outfit, Madeline is ready to bond with her colleagues. They’re gonna love the pictures of her pug. His name is Rudy.  

Outfit 4: Frustrated with the pandemic, but you best believe she’s still thriving.

This Madeline knows how to buckle down and make the best of a crappy situation. If there was a zombie breakout in the office, she would be the one to survive. Use this outfit when there’s an infection spreading and you need to keep your employees safe and your zombies far away.

In these outfits and poses, Madeline will take your learning course from “pretty good” to “complete masterpiece.” 

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