More Inclusive Characters to Amp Up Your Learning

I often get asked what I mean when I talk about inclusivity and accessibility in learning. When I explain what inclusivity and accessibility mean, I try to put it in terms that are easy to understand and meaningful to myself. 

To that end I typically explain inclusivity and accessibility like this: 

Being inclusive means that everyone feels they are represented in your learning. The learning experience shouldn’t feel like it leaves out anyone on account of factors such as age, gender, race, or capability. 

To build on being inclusive, being accessible means that the learning experience not only resonates with everyone but that everyone that takes part in it will have a very similar experience. No one will have a less impactful experience because they have different capabilities than others such as lack of vision, hearing, or dexterity. 

Being inclusive and accessible to all in my opinion is one factor that takes our learning experiences from just meeting a requirement, to being a vehicle for change within our organizations. 

With that in mind, I’m excited to introduce our latest set of cutout characters joining our eLearning Brothers Asset Library.

For this release, we looked for individuals with various different capabilities. Each of these unique individuals brings something different and new to our library that we have never had before. 

Let me introduce you to the group.

Watch this short video or scroll down to read about each cutout person.


The New Cutout People

Cutout Character Library Updates_Oliver


High-energy and ready to rock, Oliver isn’t letting his insulin pump slow him down. And he’s in good company—pop star Nick Jonas also wears an insulin pump! Oliver will wake up your learners and get them engaged. 

Cutout Character Library Updates_Liam 2

Cutout Character Library Updates_Liam 1


Born with a congenital limb difference, Liam embraces standing out and always has the perfect outfit for any event, whether it’s business or casual. Add some style to your next training module with Liam’s help. 

Cutout Character Library Updates_Henry


Henry likes to rock and roll—emphasis on the rolling. Data analyst by day, wheelchair basketball coach by night, Henry will help you keep your learners on task. 

Cutout Character Library Updates_Milo


When Mylo’s not starring in eLearning courses, he’s busy participating in his local Down syndrome advocacy group and meeting up with friends to sing karaoke. 

I’m excited to see what others will create with these characters and how they will help you create more inclusive training. 

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