How to Successfully Outsource Your LMS Administration

Purchasing an LMS is one transaction, but it’s just the beginning. Getting your LMS to function at an optimal level to achieve training and learning goals is a round-the-clock effort. In addition, you need to know how to prevent program errors which can seriously hamper functionality. When it comes to tasks like implementing a new plugin, assigning roles to users, or utilizing the numerous tools and techniques to make your LMS better, relying on customer support services like phone/email support, live chat, and raising tickets are nowhere near as efficient and effective as having an in-house LMS Administrator. 

An in-house LMS Administrator performs the role of a subject matter expert to ensure seamless functionality and user experience for learners and stakeholders. From selection and set-up, customization, integration, population, troubleshooting, and more, the LMS Administrator has critical L&D responsibilities. 

While the importance of the role of an LMS Administrator is established, the big question is whether to turn to an outsourced vendor or rely on staff augmentation.

Did you know that 51% of organizations outsource some, if not most, of their LMS operations? 

We have some questions that can help you with your decision to augment your L&D team for LMS support, and whether it is the best fit for your organization:

  • Do you have an exclusive resource to handle LMS administration?
  • Is your LMS administrator qualified, experienced, and competent?
  • Do you have proper security checks in place to ensure your LMS is not vulnerable? Is your LMS Administrator adept at handling any security risks and breaches?

If you have answered “no” to most of these questions, there should be no ambiguity in the decision to be taken—you should outsource an LMS implementation and administration expert. 

Trust us, that decision will help you focus on more important tasks, such as creating amazing courses! Moreover, staff augmentation delivers effectiveness and efficiency while significantly reducing cost—factors that will help you weather current economic times. 

Working with an L&D staffing partner can negate risks associated with hiring resources. Whether you have a compact team or too many projects at hand, staff augmentation can help you march forward and meet L&D goals. The flexibility and cost savings that such services offer are highly valuable.

ELB Learning has been providing staff augmentation services for leading brands. Contractors are carefully vetted and screened thoroughly to ensure the right fit. Hiring through a staffing partner ensures that experienced and highly skilled contractors are available for immediate hire and are productive from Day 1. 

You can hire a junior, mid-level, or senior LMS support professional based on your organization’s needs. A contract resource for LMS support will:

  • optimize the learning infrastructure that ensures you can leverage, track and deploy your courses in your unique environment
  • collaborate with you to analyze your business goals, assess your current learning infrastructure, and help you create a solid framework for success
  • help you integrate with compatible software
  • research and develop necessary process information for the organization
  • collaborate with various cross-functional teams to meet required educational goals 
  • serve as adjunct faculty on key learning network programs in the organization

In order to meet these objectives, the LMS support staff must be adept in: 

  • conducting LMS training and providing support for new hire cohorts 
  • creating policy and procedure documentation for LMS systems 
  • executing and testing key functional requirements while collaborating with stakeholders
  • identifying, researching, and ensuring timely resolution of all technical defects and system/process improvements
  • managing multiple vendor relationships; overseeing and monitoring those responsible for day-to-day reports and metrics
  • understanding common learning technologies, such as webinar technology, eLearning authoring tools (e.g., Lectora), and video production tools
  • general knowledge of adult learning theory 
  • working knowledge of leading programs in LMS: SAP SuccessFactors, Ceridian Dayforce, Kahuna Workforce Solutions, Docebo, etc.

While checking all these boxes goes a long way, the most important aspect for consideration is that the contractor will set you up your LMS for ease of maintenance in the long run. Processes, functionality, user roles, responsibilities, and beyond are customized to your organization’s needs and are designed to function at optimum strength. 

A one-size-fits-all approach to learning management system support is hardly a perfect fit for any organization. Speak with your staffing partner about finding the right candidate for the job who can best bring your LMS needs to fruition. Get on-time support, ensure an increase in the usage of your LMS, and get access to on-demand reports, insights, and analytics.

Want to know more about ELB Learning’s staff augmentation services? Speak with our team of staffing experts and unlock opportunities for better ROI on LMS investment. 

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