The Evolution of Authoring Suites Over the Past 2 Years

A core mission for eLearning Brothers, and now ELB Learning, has always been to provide instructional designers and eLearning developers with the tools and resources they need to create awesomeness.

By awesomeness, we mean learning experiences that look good and do good. Content you’re proud to show your boss. Content that your learners enjoy interacting with. And content that drives true learning retention and behavior change. 

In 2009, when we started, that meant providing well-designed templates and all the stock assets and cutout characters you could possibly need.

In 2020, we expanded on that with our acquisition of Trivantis, including the authoring tools Lectora®, ReviewLink™, and CenarioVR®. We saw a natural fit for our asset library in combination with those tools, so shortly after the acquisition, we launched the Authoring Suites: a powerful package of Lectora Desktop, Lectora Online, ReviewLink, the Asset Library, and CenarioVR. 

Since then, we’ve been continuously rolling out new features for the Authoring Suites in order to provide as much value as we can. 

Updates for each part of the Authoring Suites include:

Asset Library - Templates

Our templates are designed to help you be more efficient with project development while creating a better-looking end product. You can spend less time on design and development and more on the content.

  • Themed files have top-notch graphic design. Use as-is or easily rebrand. 
  • Unthemed wireframes cut out the development time for common interactions so you can focus on getting the design elements right.
  • Showcase courses are available—with all the source files—for inspiration and to teach you how to develop your own stunning content.
  • Mobile-ready: All Lectora Desktop 21 and newer templates have been set up for multiple device views
  • Accessibility-focused: Templates are set up to help make a course 508-friendly. 
    • Contrast ratios, font sizing, and focus order have been accounted for in templates (when used as built without changes). 
    • We also clean up the screen reader experience and eliminate alt tags on decorative elements, as well as include description placeholders for any charts or graphs included in templates.

ELB Learning’s template library is larger than other tools' offerings and we’re still expanding!

  • Choose from a wide variety of design styles. 
  • Each design style includes a large number of layout and interaction templates, with multiple formats for each file.
  • Complimentary PPT files exist for many template files/styles.
  • Fonts/graphic resources are provided for download.
  • Non-branded wireframes. These are the baseline templates we use to develop many others, minus the design elements for those users who want the development efficiency, but none of the branding. 

The Asset Library is integrated into Lectora with easy search - stock, icon, template - to streamline development. The library is one-stop shopping to make development easier, more efficient, and better.

  • Lectora-specific templates complement and extend in-tool features
    • Style Packs
    • UI Kits
    • Video Players/Skins
    • Wireframes
    • Widgets
    • more to come

Asset Library - Cutout People

  • 100,000+ cutout characters.
  • Our recent cutout character release was the largest in our history. We focused on including a larger, more diverse set of learners. 
  • The Cutout People library includes different ages, ethnicities, industries, and models with disabilities.

Asset Library - Stock Assets

  • This library features 120+ million stock assets and templates—including those for competitive products.
    • Stock images, vectors, graphic
    • Audio and video files—including 360-degree videos!


  • Since the acquisition, we’ve rolled out major tool releases including Lectora Desktop 21 and Lectora Online 5.0.
  • We launched ready-made course frameworks for Lectora. You can cut development time in half with these pre-built course logic and templates.
  • We continue to release accessibility updates—like the highly requested set keyboard focus and greater control of closed captioning.


We released several CenarioVR features to create a more immersive experience.

We’ve also added a Resource tab with reusable assets to save development time. 

  • This Scenario: Access the video, audio, and 3D models used within the current scenario. Bring up a menu of options including replacing the resource for all of the objects in the scenario.
  • My Media: Access your images, audios, videos, and 3D models you frequently use in your scenarios. Select the “import” button to add resources, or just drag and drop resources directly from your desktop.
  • My Scenes: The My Scenes section is for equirectangular images and videos intended to be used as scenes, and works like the My Media section above, except the resources are added to the scenario as scenes when double-clicked.
  • My Clips: Where Clips (your “clipboard”) are stored when created from objects in the scenario.

CenarioVR now offers Hybrid Scorm publishing with advanced analytics. Hybrid SCORM combines the best features of SCORM with the power of the CenarioVR Platform:

  • Upload to any LMS and capture completion data
  • View immersive learning from a headset within your LMS!
  • Capture full analytics reporting via xAPI using CenarioVR’s built-in LRS - including the ability to create and track custom analytics
  • Leverage fast 360 video delivery via cloud hosting on our worldwide Content Delivery Network

Improved Product Integrations

Lastly, as part of our commitment to creating better learning experiences, we’ve improved integrations between multiple products, including a direct CenarioVR and Lectora integration and 1-click publishing to Docebo from Lectora (coming soon to Lectora Desktop). Plus, with the help of company acquisitions, we have nearly tripled the size of our Customer Success team.


New Pricing Coming September 1, 2022

Rates will increase on September 1, 2022 to the following:

  • The Silver Authoring Suite (Lectora Online, ReviewLink, and the Asset Library) valued at $4,000 will increase from $899 to $999 - 75% less than buying each tool separately.
  • The Gold Authoring Suite (Lectora Desktop, Lectora Online, ReviewLink, and the Asset Library) valued at $7,000 will increase from $1,299 to $1,399 - 80% less than buying each tool separately.
  • The Platinum Authoring Suite (CenarioVR, Lectora Desktop, Lectora Online, ReviewLink, and the Asset Library) valued at $9,000 will increase from $1,599 to $1,999 - 78% less than buying each tool separately.

We greatly value your support and business as we continue to invest in our products and the teams behind them. You can expect to see more features and tools in the future as we continue to innovate and help you create better learning experiences.

If you have questions about your authoring tools renewal, please reach out to your account manager. And if you have not purchased an authoring suite yet, now is the perfect time to buy before prices increase.