Inspired Instructional Design: Lessons from the Muppets

Rowlf the Dog once said, "I don't eat dinner, I just have a few laps before bedtime." While that...

Cutout Character of the Week: Madeline

Picture this:

New Course Starter Templates for All Tools

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More Assets, More Functionality: Explore the New Stock Asset Library

In May, we released a brand new Stock Image Library packed with over 120 million all-new stock...

Premium Suites and a Price Tag That Rocks

Introducing premium suites and a price tag that rocks:

Rock Out With the eLearning Brothers Authoring Suites

Are you sitting down? Because we have a huge announcement.

eLBX Online Day 23 - Using Characters and Scenarios in eLearning

A well-written scenario makes learning personal by inviting your learners to practice real-world...

eLBX Online Day 22 - How and When to Use eLearning Assets

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eLearning Brothers is Giving Free eLearning Templates to Developers

eLearning Developers Can Choose Free Downloads With the New 7-day Asset Library Trial