Rock Out With the eLearning Brothers Authoring Suites

Rock Out With eLearning Brothers Authoring Suites

Are you sitting down? Because we have a huge announcement.

When we announced our recent acquisition of Trivantis and Edulence, we said we wanted to bring together all the tools that eLearning developers need and make creating rockstar learning content even easier.

Drumroll, please…

Introducing the eLearning Brothers Authoring Suites!

With 3 different suites to choose from—at amazing prices—you’re sure to find the exact toolkit you need to create rockstar content.

You might be wondering why you need ANOTHER subscription to an eLearning tool or stock library.

This isn’t another subscription. It’s the ONLY subscription you need.

With one single subscription, you get access to a leading authoring tool, Lectora, the largest library of templates and assets in the world, and even a virtual reality course builder, CenarioVR!

Streamline your eLearning development and simplify your department’s budget spreadsheet all in one fell swoop. Now that’s a rockstar move, right?

Take a look at these awesome authoring suites.

AuthoringSuiteLandingPage_Silver AuthoringSuiteLandingPage_Gold AuthoringSuiteLandingPage_Platinum

Take a look at the full comparison chart of features in each suite here.

Not familiar with some of the tools in the eLearning Brothers Authoring Suites?

Sign up for a free 30-day trial of any of the tools and asset libraries and you can dive in and experience the awesomeness yourself!

Here’s a quick overview of each tool:


Experience the most versatile and responsive authoring tool around. With Lectora, you can design, publish, and deliver courses across multiple platforms and devices. Plus, with built-in access to the eLearning Brothers Asset Library, you also get tons of pre-built layouts, interactions, and quiz templates, so it’s easy to put together a complete course.

Lectora is available on the desktop and in the cloud. With Lectora Online, the web-based version, you even have the option of collaborative authoring, so you and your team can work together to create awesomeness.


Need to get course feedback and sign-off from colleagues? ReviewLink™ is an online, responsive review tool that lets eLearning developers host published courses and manage feedback—all in one place. Publish content directly from Lectora and Lectora Online to ReviewLink. Then, send email invitations to your team members, manager, or subject matter experts to review your course.

eLearning Brothers Asset Library

Jumpstart your course designs with over 120 million engaging, interactive, and awe-inspiring templates and assets to make your learning rock. Personalize your learning content using stock images, videos, and icons as well as cutout characters from every industry and region, in a range of ages, ethnicities, and attires.

Build an entire course in minutes using Lectora Course Starter templates featuring built-in xAPI statements and with tons of accessibility legwork already done for you.

Plus, access to the full Asset Library in the Gold and Platinum suites means you’ll get templates for all major authoring tools. So no matter what tool you build your courses in, you’ll get a quick jump on creating awesome learning.


Create immersive, virtual reality training, with ease with CenarioVR. 

Simply upload your 360-degree videos or images, elect your starting scene, add hotspots, questions, and interactivity. It’s that easy!

Your learners can access content on the web, mobile devices, Lectora/authoring apps, and virtual reality headsets. You can also engage learners by adding conditional branching with varied outcomes, timed objects, actions, linked scenes, quizzes, and more. 

Plus, you’ll have the support and resources of the entire eLearning Brothers rockstar community helping you create the best learning content possible. From our weekly free webinars to our archive of instructional design tips and tricks on the blog to our Community forums, we’re here to help you with everything from technical questions to creative inspiration.

So, are you ready to rock out with the eLearning Brothers Authoring Suite of your choice?

Try everything out for free for 30 days, and see how the eLearning Brothers Authoring Suites can get you rocking today!

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