Test Your Knowledge at eLBX Live Trivia Night


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When we announced the full eLBX Live schedule recently, you may have noticed an exciting addition to the roster—trivia night!

Last year, everyone enjoyed the audience participation aspect of Sean Bott's mind-blowing mentalist act, so we knew we need a good evening activity this year that would be equally interactive and fun. And we thought, "Who doesn't love showing off their smarts in trivia?"


Trivia will start at 6:30 pm (right after dinner) in the same ballroom that the morning sessions were in. Questions will be on a mix of topics—there may or may not be some eLearning ones thrown in there! We have a few tips to ensure you have a great time at trivia night.


How to Succeed at eLBX Live Trivia


1. Choose your team wisely.

Keep an eye on #eLBXLive during the day to see who's tweeting the most insightful stuff. You only want smart people on your team, duh!

2. Don't be "hangry."

We're throwing a backyard barbecue at 5:30 pm in The Grove. Use this time to fuel up for trivia, because if we've learned anything from Snickers commercials over the years, it's that nothing good comes of being hungry. And don't worry, we'll have bbq jackfruit for all you vegetarians and vegans!

3. Keep your eyes on the prize.

Sure, this is a great opportunity for a little casual networking and friend-making, but there are real prizes at stake. Don't get TOO distracted with chatter that you miss a round.


Are you ready for this? We can't wait to see who takes home the gold at eLBX Live trivia.


There's still time to register for eLBX Live on June 10 in Salt Lake City. See you there!


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