New Ebook: The Top 4 Ways an Agile Talent Strategy Can Provide ROI

As an L&D professional, does this question sound familiar? “Can you show us the value of our learning programs and tie it directly to the business?” If you were to think that the same challenge exists for determining the ROI of adopting an agile talent strategy, this brand-new ebook will get you to think again. 

The old adage says: You can have your project done quickly, with quality, or under budget - but never all three! Amazingly, taking an agile talent approach can help to achieve the impossible and address all three areas. While businesses may struggle to remain competitive after a global pandemic, taking an agile talent approach will greatly support their ability to remain agile in their business strategy.

Did you know that it costs on average $4700 to hire a full-time employee? And, it can take up to 36-42 days to fill an average position in the United States. Furthermore, it takes about 12 weeks for a new hire to become fully productive at work.

Along with these grim numbers, consider another fact—about 40% of new employees quit within six months. That’s roughly about the time an organization needs to make up the money it spent on a new hire. 

Do you have the time, money, and resources to realize this plan? No one does!

Today, every growing organization’s business continuity plan includes staffing solutions to address this pain point. Business success depends on an agile workforce. Finding skilled professionals can be the most effective way to fill talent gaps, and continue to deliver learning projects across the organization. 

If you’re just getting started with staff augmentation or project outsourcing, our previous ebook The Ultimate Staffing Guide for Leaders leads the way during this era of disruptions. A must-have resource for learning organizations, it explores why an estimated 91% of companies use outside talent to fill in vital gaps. 

Our latest ebook, The Top 4 Ways an Agile Talent Strategy Provides ROI, is a continuation of this strategy and sheds light on the all-important Return on Investment. It is a deep dive into how:

  1. Agile Talent Supports An Agile Business
  2. Agile Talent Addresses the New Normal
  3. Your Staffing Vendor Can Reduce Costs
  4. You Get ROI From a Talent and Learning Partnership

Each of these benefits and more are being witnessed by companies that have embraced contractor placement services or staff augmentation. Download this eBook to get an expert take on how and why you must implement the strategy at your organization. 

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