New Ebook: The Ultimate Staffing Guide for Leaders

Did you know that it costs on average $4700 to hire a full-time employee? And, it can take up to 36-42 days to fill an average position in the United States. Furthermore, it takes about 12 weeks for a new hire to become fully productive at work.

Along with these grim numbers, consider another fact—about 40% of new employees quit within six months. That’s roughly about the time an organization needs to make up the money it spent on a new hire. 

Do you have the time, money, and resources to realize this plan? No one does!

Today, every growing organization’s business continuity plan includes staffing solutions to address this pain point. Business success depends on an agile workforce. Finding skilled professionals can be the most effective way to fill talent gaps, and continue to deliver learning projects across the organization. 

Staff augmentation and outsourcing have proven beneficial during this period of hiring freezes, slashed budgets, and quiet quitting. Many industries have embraced talent outsourcing since the early 90s, but the two concepts have really gained momentum in the last decade. With volatile economies and a greater emphasis on ROI, it’s safe to assume that staff augmentation and outsourcing are here to stay. 

Our eBook—The Ultimate Staffing Guide for Leaders—is a must-have resource for every learning organization and shows you precisely how this year can be your big-ticket L&D opportunity. The key topics included in the ebook are:

  • Taking Stock - project outsourcing or staff augmentation or both?
  • Checking Blind Spots - setting expectations and keeping assumptions at bay 
  • Understanding L&D Titles - what can they do for your L&D needs and requirements
  • Choosing The Right Partner - what do big talent marketplaces offer and how do they differ from experienced L&D staffing partners
  • Use Cases - real world examples of agile talent management

Did you know 70% of full-time freelancers participated in some kind of training, and a majority (51%) of freelancers say no amount of money would persuade them to take a traditional job?

As the gig economy has picked up steam, contractors have become more available and more skilled, knowledgeable, and professional. If vetted and hand-picked correctly, they can produce results from the get-go. 

Here are the top 5 benefits of choosing to augment or outsource talent:

  • Less expensive
  • Work gets done faster
  • Expert help when you need it
  • New things are within reach
  • More flexibility

The eBook takes a deep dive into these merits and also explores why an estimated 91% of companies use outside talent to fill in vital gaps, and 76% plan to increase the use of freelancers to give them the additional expertise, flexibility, and resources needed.

Further, the use cases included in the ebook are from leading brands across industries. Discover how one organization ensured rapid delivery to meet business transformation needs. Explore how lululemon athletica manages its demand for learning services, and much more. 

Over the last two decades, ELB Learning has stood alongside leading brands and organizations to address their L&D staffing needs. We are an industry leader in providing the learning and development resources you need with the industry expertise you expect.  Whether you need an entire team or a specific expert, our agile solution has been proven to get results. 

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