Mastering Compliance Training with Rehearsal

The Challenge of Compliance Training 

Compliance training is essential for ensuring employees understand and adhere to their company's regulations, policies, and standards. The effectiveness of compliance training is critical to avoid workplace problems and legal violations. However, compliance training often faces the challenge of being perceived as dull and time-consuming, leading to employee disengagement and lack of training. Traditional compliance training methods, such as lengthy manuals and presentations, need to be updated to become effective and engaging.

A Dynamic Solution for Compliance Training

Practicing is essential for compliance training. It ensures you are communicating the right concepts and reducing the risk of mistakes in the field. With Rehearsal by ELB Learning, you can master compliance training, using asynchronous video, and audio-based learning. Your employees can practice within the confines of the tool, ensuring compliance within your company whilst delivering personalized and engaging training content to your employees. 

Using Rehearsal For Compliance

Identify Your Compliance Needs

To use Rehearsal effectively, it is important to specify your compliance needs. Consider your industry regulations and legal requirements, hereby creating targeted training content with tangible KPIs. 

Create Realistic Scenarios

Creating real-world scenarios within Rehearsal helps employees apply and understand the practical applications of your company’s compliance goals. By ensuring your training content simulates common compliance challenges, you create a realistic and immersive training environment for your employees to practice in. 

Personalize Content & Integrate Engaging Elements

With Rehearsal, you can customize your learning journey to cater to the needs and level of understanding of your employees. As compliance training can be relevant to a variety of different roles within your organization, each journey’s content can be adjusted to suit the needs of individual groups. You can also increase training engagement through video or audio-based submissions, setting keyword requirements, or integrating AI transcript feedback and metrics. This helps employees grasp complex compliance concepts and allows them to practice at their own pace.

Monitor Progress & Provide Feedback

Using Rehearsal’s numerous reporting features allows you to monitor employee performance, helping you identify areas where individuals or teams might struggle, and require additional support. With instant AI feedback, generated on top of personalized mentor feedback, employees can learn from their mistakes and continue to practice until they feel confident, and compliant without further thought.

Encourage Collaboration

Leverage Rehearsal’s collaborative features to foster learner-to-learner feedback and share learning experiences through the use of Channels and the Leaderboard. Encourage employees to discuss compliance training challenges in chat channels, and share best practices with each other within the platform through group, user, and assignment-specific leaderboards.  

Benefits of Rehearsal for Compliance Training

  • Engagement: Rehearsal's personalized and dynamic learning style keeps employees engaged throughout the compliance training process, resulting in better knowledge retention.
  • Paychex achieved real results with the new program in Rehearsal, yielding an increase in retention of 8% after a full year, exceeding their original goal of 75%. 
  • Real-World Readiness: By simulating real-life scenarios, Rehearsal helps employees feel more prepared to handle compliance-related situations they may encounter in their roles.
  • Efficient: The personalized, asynchronous, and AI-enhanced training experience leads to more efficient compliance training, reducing the training time required and increasing employee independence in learning.
  • Up-to-date and Relevant: Content is easily adjusted and new training scenarios and material can be added to reflect any changes in regulations or policies. 

Rehearsal by ELB Learning is a powerful tool for enhancing compliance training within your organization. Combining video and audio-based training with customized, scenario-driven learning scenarios transforms compliance training into an engaging, personalized, and collaborative process. Clients using Rehearsal for compliance training gain reassurance in knowing that their employees are not only well-informed, they’re also well-prepared to navigate the complex world of compliance regulations and can practice in an environment at any time, without the risks of in-the-field training. Rehearsal’s customizability makes it an ideal choice for diverse training and development situations. 

Want to try out Rehearsal for your compliance training? Watch a Video Walkthrough or Request a Live Demo to see how this platform can elevate your learning! 

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