eLBX Online Day 27 - How to Design Accessible eLearning

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Are you committed to delivering accessible eLearning, but not sure where or how to start? You might be surprised by how many others are in that same boat!

In this webinar, Instructional Designer Nancy Reyes walked attendees through the essentials of designing accessible eLearning courses including:

• Who is your audience?
• What does “accessible” mean to your organization or client?
• Navigation considerations
• What is alt text and how should you use it?
• Should you use images and when?
• Transcripts and closed captioning

During the webinar, Nancy showed examples from real courses of each of these accessible design elements. Her examples showed that just because a course is accessible, doesn’t mean it has to boring.

Nancy recommended the WebAIM Contrast Checker for eLearning developers wanting to make sure their courses have enough color contrast to be accessible to learners with visual impairments. She also talked about how to write a good alt tag, the importance of tab order, and keeping links and hotspots big enough for learners using assistive devices instead of a computer mouse or their hands.

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