eLBX Online Day 20 - The Benefits of Mobile Learning

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 In this webinar, instructional designer Brandie Jenkins challenged us to look deeper at creative instructional design strategies for immersing learners in engaging and effective mobile learning experiences.

To begin, Brandie polled attendees on what they thought of when they heard the phrase "mobile learning."

Here are some of the answers:


mlearning poll results word cloud


Then Brandie outline the top 8 benefits of mobile learning. These are:

  1. Personal
  2. Spontaneous
  3. Informal
  4. Contextual
  5. Portable
  6. Collaborative
  7. Interactive
  8. Immediate

Brandie went into each of the 8 attributes of mobile learning in detail, talking about how instructional designers can make the most out of these qualities and design effective learning.

For example, here are her tips on keeping mobile learning spontaneous:


keeping mobile learning spontaneous

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