3 Storyline Course Starters That Dominated 2019


3 Storyline Course Starters That Dominated 2019

Throughout all of 2019, we were hard at work developing brand new Course Starter templates and adding them to our library. Each Course Starter includes tons of layouts, interactions, and a quiz template—all in one quick download.

All you need to do is add your own content and you have a mobile-ready, xAPI-ready course at your fingertips. It's the epitome of rapid authoring!

Below are just a few of our most recently added Course Starter designs for Storyline. Aren't they beautiful?

6 different images of Course Starter template packs and their descriptions

Lately I've been loving Playfair and Montserrat.

But what designs were most popular in 2019?



Cobalt layout with media, text, and icons

Corporate eLearning with style? Yes, it’s possible with the Cobalt Course Starter. We start with a deep charcoal background and layer on rich blues, brightened by yellow accents. San serif fonts and clean geometric lines finish a design that works hard so you don’t have to.

 cobalt click to reveal layout with 5 left tabs and a cutout person

Download Cobalt now.


Apple Tree

Apple Tree 8-tab click to reveal layout

Primary colors get a modern twist in this Course Starter. With a warm and fun feel, Apple Tree captures the sweet spot of summer turning into fall and the excitement of back to school. 

Apple Tree drag and drop layout


bumblebee 4-tab click to reveal layout, no text

Get your learners buzzing with this bold style! Bumble Bee features a strong yellow and black color scheme. The bold colors are nicely tempered by charcoal and bright blue accents. Many layouts are also available with a white background, which adds some visual lightness to your course. Mix and match to your liking! 

bumblebee 4-tab click to reveal layout, with tab 3 selected

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