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Instructional designers and eLearning developers compete against job tasks and the whole world of distractions that is social media, TV, etc., for their learners’ attention. It’s a challenge, but resources like the ELB Learning Asset Library can help!

Incorporating game elements, branching scenarios, and storytelling into eLearning enables training developers to gain the upper hand against distractions and enhance engagement and retention among learners. 

Making Learning Fun & Engaging

By infusing game elements such as points, levels, and badges, eLearning experiences can transform mundane content into interactive challenges, motivating learners to actively participate and progress through the material. This gamified approach taps into intrinsic motivators, triggering a sense of accomplishment and fostering healthy competition among learners, ultimately leading to improved knowledge retention and application.

Through interactive storytelling, eLearning experiences become immersive journeys where learners are not passive recipients of information but active participants in unfolding narratives. This narrative-driven approach captivates learners' attention, evokes emotions, and facilitates deeper connections with the content, resulting in a more profound understanding and long-term retention of knowledge. By combining game elements, branching navigation, and storytelling, eLearning becomes not only informative but also enjoyable and impactful, leading to more effective learning outcomes.

Introducing Our Newest Lectora Game Template

To help Lectora® developers incorporate elements of games, branching, and storytelling, we’re excited to introduce our latest Lectora game template: Riddle Island: Mystery of the Seven Seas!


Challenge your learner to navigate treacherous waters, solve cunning riddles, and unlock the secrets hidden across the Island, all in pursuit of Captain Bluebeard's legendary treasure. 



Each spot on the map reveals information that learners must use to solve puzzles and unlock the secret code to the treasure chest.



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