Why Mentoring Could Be the Answer to Your Training Woes


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Are you struggling to get employees up to speed as quickly as you need? Do you want to boost employee retention or develop future leaders?


It’s time to consider a mentoring program.


According to an article on HuffPost.com, “When examining companies and how they became remarkably successful, one trait which stands above many others: successful companies have excellent leaders, and with excellent leaders come excellent employees. Leadership and guidance is very important to success in nearly every field, and workplace mentoring is one way to provide personalized leadership for both new and tenured employees.”


The sooner you start, the sooner your organization can reap the benefits. Plus, studies have shown that a new hire’s first month experience is critical to the overall success of that employee's time with your organization. Mentoring can be a key benefit during this crucial learning phase.


Implementing a mentoring program isn’t as daunting as it might sound. eLearning Brothers offers a learning experience platform built around technology-supported coaching and feedback and on-the-job learning.


TREK Learning Experience Manager is an award-winning mobile, SaaS learning management solution.


Using TREK can reduce time to proficiency by 30% or more. TREK makes it easy to track and manage experiential and informal learning in an organized way—through learning paths and a nano-coaching feedback cycle.


One client, the Water Quality Association (WQA), implemented a very successful mentoring/training program using TREK Learning Experience Manager. The program included self study, targeted background reading and real-world activities that were evaluated by mentors. By adding real world experience into the curriculum, WQA makes the information practical and much more likely to be retained.


The resulting commentary showed the effectiveness of mentoring.


“I enthusiastically recommend the program,” said mentor Michael Kinney, CWS-VI, of Portasoft of Morris County in Kenvil, N.J. “It’s a great tool for both new and experienced people. Having a new employee go through the training can identify faster whether or not an employee will work out.”


“It made training easier and helped the learner feel more comfortable to use me as a reference,” said mentor Jill McDonald, CWS-VI, CI, of Hellenbrand Inc. in Waunakee, Wis.


Bret Tangley, CWS-VI, of Sterling Water Conditioning in Eau Claire, Wis., said the program helped him as a manager to see what frontline staff is doing and easily track the progress of the learner he helped.


Not only does mentoring help employees get up to speed faster, it can also bring your team closer together. Building a strong relationship between managers and frontline staff improves trust and boosts employee retention.


Contact our Custom Solutions team to learn more about implementing TREK Learning Experience Manager at your organization.


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