Webinar: Preview Lectora 19 & the eLearning Brothers Authoring Suites

Preview Lectora 19 and the eLearning Brothers Authoring Suite

We’re excited to introduce our new eLearning Brothers Authoring Suites, featuring the NEW Lectora 19 and packed with industry-leading tools and templates.

This week, we hosted a webinar showcasing the newest features in Lectora 19 and a little bit more information about the eLearning Brothers Authoring Suites.

Here’s a brief overview of what each Suite includes:

  Silver Suite Gold Suite Platinum Suite
Lectora® Online
(A $1,400 value!)
Lectora® Desktop
(A $2,595 value!)
(A $1,379 value!)
In-app Asset Library
(A $1,200 value!)
Full Asset Library (Web Access)
($1,500 value!)
(A $2,150 value!)
(A $4,000 value!)
(A $7,000 value!)
(A $9,000 value!)

View a detailed list of features in each Suite here.

We didn't talk too much about CenarioVR, our virtual reality course builder, in this webinar, but you can learn more about it in Andrew Townsend’s blog article detailing his first experience with CenarioVR: How I Built a Virtual Reality Course in 30 Minutes. Or sign up for a free trial to build your own virtual reality course!

In this webinar, senior developer Bill Milstid walked attendees through the new features in Lectora 19, including:

  • Course Starter Templates
  • Icon Library + Image Library
  • Cutout People Characters
  • Timeline
  • Custom Button States
  • CenarioVR Integration
  • Screen Recorder and Video Editor
  • Translation Tool XLIFF Support
  • Text to Speech Sample Rate
  • Accessible Lightbox Popups
  • Accessible Custom Form Elements
  • Updated Custom Form Elements
  • Updated Desktop and Mobile Publish Sizing Options
  • Page Background Fills

Whew, that’s a long list! We’ll talk about a couple in this post, and you can watch the recording at the bottom to see all the new features in action. You can also sign up for a free trial to check it out yourself!

New Templates and Assets

When you first open Lectora now, you’ll see our newest Lectora Course Starter templates. With one click, you can download and open a Course Starter template in Lectora. Now you have 5 different content layouts, 4 pre-built interactions, and a test already built using Lectora questions. All you need to do is plop your content in!

In addition to those pre-built slides, each Course Starter includes a set of matching icons, as well as several cutout characters already in there for you. Of course, you can always switch those graphics and cutout characters out with other assets from the entire eLearning Brothers Asset Library if they don’t match your learner demographic or content.

Newly added to the in-app tools in Lectora 19 and Lectora Online is the eLearning Brothers Icons Library. You can choose from 89,000+ icons in a variety of categories!

New Timeline

By popular customer request, a timeline has been added to Lectora!

Using the timeline, you can trigger and synch page events. It has a one minute default duration and can last up to 60 minutes.

At any point in the running timeline of a given page, you can set actions by clicking the Timed Event Trigger at the bottom of the page. A Timed Event dialogue window will open up and you can select the action you want from a drop down menu. It’s just like setting an action on an object, but based on time.

There’s a lot you can do with a timeline in Lectora: frame or state-based animation, alerts, things with time-bound variables, change content based on progress through a page, and so on.

See the rest of the new features in Lectora 19 in the webinar recording below:

Current Lectora customer and wondering how this will affect your plan? Check out our FAQ page or contact your account rep to get all the details! If you are current on maintenance and haven't upgraded to Lectora 19 yet, check out this page for more information on upgrading.

Interested in trying out the new Lectora 19 and everything else in the eLearning Brothers Authoring Suite? Sign up for a free 30-day trial now.