ELB Learning Launches AI-Driven MicroBuilder™ to Accelerate Microlearning Content Creation

– ​​With its new AI features, the microlearning authoring platform enables users to quickly and efficiently create learning content. – 

American Fork, UT - June 20, 2024 - ELB Learning, ​​a market leader delivering the most comprehensive suite of learning products and services worldwide, today announced the launch of MicroBuilder™, an AI-integrated microlearning tool with AI content generation and avatars.

The rapid authoring tool allows everyone, regardless of technical background, to quickly build custom learning modules (text, video, images, quizzes, etc.) that can be implemented directly into their learning platforms. Microlearning offers learners the flexibility to access training at their convenience, at their own pace, and exactly when they need it in their flow of work. 

"Microlearning is on the rise across generations as learners increasingly prefer solutions that are short, sweet, and effective,” said Co-founder and CEO of ELB Learning, Andrew Scivally. “That’s why we created MicroBuilder™– to make it easy for anyone to create engaging, bite-sized learning experiences that fit into our busy lives and can be accessed anywhere, whether you're working remotely, on-the-go, or in the office.” 

MicroBuilder’s AI-powered features enable customers to quickly and easily create high-quality learning content. Learning developers, training managers, and subject matter experts can take advantage of these features:

  • Speak Through AI with AI Avatars: Create captivating AI videos featuring an AI avatar as your spokesperson! Select your preferred avatar, type your script, select a background, and let the AI bring your words to life!
  • Generate Learning Content with AI Assistance: Instantly create entire microlearning modules with AI-generated section headers and detailed text blocks.
  • Produce Content from Files You Upload: Transform documents into structured learning modules, with AI referencing uploaded files to generate new content.
  • AI-Generated Analogies & Scenarios: Enrich content with relevant analogies and real-life scenarios crafted by AI to resonate with learners.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance Integration: Make complex concepts accessible with clear, AI-generated steps.
  • Innovative Text Block Features: Create seamless text blocks, adjust content length and depth, and more with AI assistance.
  • Engaging Question Set Creation: Transform content into interactive learning experiences with customizable questions embedded by AI.
  • AI-Powered Translation Capabilities: Instantly transcribe or translate copy and video content into 75 different languages.

"AI should empower employees, not intimidate them. Our goal as a learning platform is to equip organizations with the tools they need to stay ahead of the AI curve," said Chief AI Officer and CTO of ELB Learning, John Blackmon.

"By incorporating AI into MicroBuilder, we’re empowering people of every skill level, regardless of instructional design training, to master its use."

MicroBuilder™ also allows learners to access the entire ELB Learning Stock Asset Library and publish as SCORM to distribute global content to any third-party LMS seamlessly. 

ELB Learning is dedicated to helping teams get up to speed and comfortable using AI safely and effectively. Its goal is to make AI accessible and user-friendly so everyone can harness its potential. To achieve this, ELB Learning offers a range of AI solutions, including  AI IQ, AI Discovery, and AI Create, designed to enhance organizations' AI capabilities through expert consulting, development, and training. Additionally, AI has been incorporated into cutting-edge products such as CenarioVR®, a VR authoring tool, Rehearsal®, a video-based coaching platform, and Lectora's AI Course Wizard®.

For more information about ELB Learning and MicroBuilder™, please visit https://www.elblearning.com/microbuilder


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