Webinar: Building Custom Graphics and Patterns in PowerPoint

 Nic Brown, Director of Product & Design joined us for a helpful webinar session on how to build cool graphics and patterned backgrounds in PowerPoint. Creating your own graphics is a great way to give your eLearning content a custom look and feel. Plus, it's a lot easier than you might think!

 Upgraded basics:

In this webinar, Nic showed attendees how you can start with a simple visual element—like a basic icon from the eLearning Brothers Icon Library—and just by playing around with color and repetition, you can create an awesome custom background!

Everything shown in this video is compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint 365, version 16.24 and PowerPoint 2019 for Mac.

Quick tips for creating custom graphics and patterns in PowerPoint:

  • Use SVG files—scaleable vector graphics.
  • Hold down shift when resizing graphics so they scale proportionately.
  • Consider using a gradient as the background behind your repeating pattern. The shifting colors add another visual element that takes your design up a notch.

Watch the video now to learn how to make your own custom graphics in PowerPoint:




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