Podcast Excerpt: Visually Explosive Learning

In the episode “Creating Custom Experiences with Todd Cummings” of the Learning Experience podcast, Todd Cummings discusses the ins and outs of creating custom experiences. He talks about the visuals, trends among corporate customers, and Lectora (one of ELB Learning’s authoring tools.)


When you walk into any kind of store, “the first thing that grabs your eye is what you’re looking at; that visual experience,” Todd says. The visuals are what bring people in and get them interested. When Todd first started the custom business he “knew that visual was a big piece of it. One of [the] key focuses was creating a visually explosive eLearning experience. Something that would get people excited to learn. When you want to get and keep learners engaged, it’s all about the presentation.” 

Corporate Customer Trends

With all of the learner information available to corporations today, they have to identify the key metrics needed to measure the success of the learning experience. Todd explains that “one of the most tallied metrics is: How engaged are learners?... Does my learner want to learn?” This is an important question because it affects whether the learners are applying the training. “So, really those key metrics are still: are they engaged in this learning experience and then how and why are they applying this now… to do things differently?”  


“We’ve worked with Lectora and… the creators of it for years, and have just always been impressed by their commitment to the tool… Our focus over the years with Lectora has been to create something that allows people to get a lot deeper into the training,” Todd says.

There are a lot of great authoring tools out there. What sets Lectora apart is that it allows the creator to “become immersed in the tool,” and the accessibility it offers. “Everyone should have access to learn [where they're at].” Lectora is different because “it really allows that creator of content to do anything that they want.” 

To learn more about custom experiences, listen to the full episode: Creating Custom Experiences with Todd Cummings