Video Coaching Shines In Your Learning Strategy

The saying “practice makes perfect” didn’t become an everyday adage without reason. Ballerinas practice every day to perfect choreography, bakers test recipes over and over until they’re satisfied, and even CEOs rarely give a presentation perfectly without a rehearsal or two. 

In recent years, high-powered executives have latched onto the importance of practice to improve everything from time management to financial handling to communication skills. Many organizations are applying this same strategy to their workforce as a whole. Career coaching is now a multi-billion dollar industry, and it is growing at a rapid rate.

However, when you don’t want to incur the cost of hiring big-name coaches, or your employees are all remote, in-person coaching isn’t a good solution. 

What do you do instead?


As part of an eLearning ecosystem, video coaching makes a lot of sense. 

Picture this: Employees are given short eLearning modules—these could be games, videos, interactive courses, etc.—to help them learn about your organization or their role. 

Then, using a tool like Rehearsal, they are given the opportunity to immediately practice what they have learned, recording short videos of themselves giving elevator pitches, practicing sales strategies, reciting the company mission statement, or almost anything else.

Videos are submitted for manager feedback or AI feedback based on pre-set keywords. AI has advanced to where it can analyze video submissions for eye contact, tone, pace, keywords, logic, articulation, facial expressions, and filler words. Individuals can redo their presentations as many times as they want based on AI feedback before submitting them to their manager.

Managers can either approve the videos or give feedback and suggest workers review the training materials and try again. Mentorship thrives within this model, and it can be done asynchronously from a cubicle, individual homes, or offices globally.

Video coaching allows managers to discover who their most competent team members are and those who need help. In Rehearsal, managers can run customized reports specific to their department. They can use this information to assign further practice and identify opportunities to help their teams shine at what they are best at.

Today's younger workers value development opportunities and are more loyal to organizations that invest in individual careers. With employees leaving their current jobs at record rates, organizations need to focus on retention efforts. Training is integral to retention.

On average, we found that workers using Rehearsal will rehearse 5.6 times before submitting the final product. This practice builds confidence and skills. As workers see real results from video coaching, they continue to return to the platform and practice when they need to master new skills.

Companies like Paychex, 3M, and Honeywell are already using Rehearsal for Sales Enablement and Soft Skills Development. Request a live demo to see how it could help your organization.

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