The State of Learning Technology in 2021

Earlier this year, we participated in a research-gathering project with’s HR Research Institute. The focus was on learner experience, engagement, and solutions.

In 2019, training expenditures—including payroll and spending on external products and services—hovered around $83 billion. Training is a big business, but it’s also a rapidly changing business. In part due to the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations are shifting the way they spend their training budgets as they adjust to changing expectations and preferences among learners and businesses.

To learn more about how this industry is evolving, surveyed 300 human resources (HR) professionals. The results were telling. 

You can download the full report from here.

Weak Learning Ecosystems

Only 24% of those surveyed strongly believed that their learning technologies were well integrated with each other. 

In today’s digital world, all your tools and resources need to play well with each other. Your learning platform should integrate with other tools you use, like Zoom video conferencing (and be able to track and give credit for virtual meeting attendance too!).

On a related note, only 22.5% were strongly satisfied with the data they’re collecting to make decisions about their ecosystem. 

If your tools don’t enable you to track learner activity—with xAPI, for example—how do you know exactly which questions are causing them to score poorly on a course? That kind of knowledge is essential to ensure you’re effectively training your employees to do their jobs well. 

As ranked by survey respondents, the 3 most common weaknesses of their learning systems were:

  1. Poor ability to integrate with other systems
  2. Limited collaboration functionality
  3. Not sufficiently customizable

If you’re looking for a new learning system right now, keep the above factors in mind. And for an LMS that shines in those areas, consider the Rockstar Learning Platform. 

The Rockstar Learning Platform is a flexible, easy-to-use LMS that grows with your organization. 


The Rockstar Learning Platform integrates with leading technologies including HRIS, CRMs, ecommerce, conferencing solutions, content libraries, and more. We can also accommodate custom integrations and sync data using Zapier. Plus, you can publish your Lectora and CenarioVR courses directly to The Rockstar Learning Platform. In addition, you can purchase libraries of off-the-shelf courses from us that will be directly available within your instance of the Rockstar Learning Platform.


We’ve made it really easy for everyone to contribute knowledge using the Rockstar Learning Platform. Any user can share text, images, and videos uploaded or captured with their own device. Users can also add content they like most to relevant Boards, then instantly share them with users or groups they collaborate with.

Plus, share and delegate the work of training administration! Set up Offices to let teams and departments have a personalized learning portal with access to their relevant courses. Then, delegate the work to multi-level admins/managers and allow them to add/remove users, enroll their people in courses, and run their own reporting.


If you’re serving multiple divisions, chapters, or clients, you can easily add a private-label experience for each entity with their own home page branding, banner, URL, email address, and user admin.

According to the survey, learning will become more adaptive, more personalized, and more of it will happen on mobile devices over the next 3 years. 

That’s why it’s so essential to choose a learning technology now that will be able to grow with your organization and meet evolving needs over the next few years. 

Sign up for a free account of the Rockstar Learning Platform and you can test out all these features and more!