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Last Friday, we wrapped up an incredible 6-week long saga of eLearning webinars. The eLearning Rockstar family grew exponentially over the course of eLBX Online, with nearly 12,000 registrants spread across 30 webinars.

We'd like to take a moment to recognize all our incredible presenters.

 Some of these eLearning experts joined us multiple times throughout eLBX Online to share their wisdom and we are awed by their knowledge and generosity:

  • Chris Willis, Senior Product Manager, eLearning Brothers
  • Josh Bleggi, Learning Designer, eLearning Brothers
  • Andrew Vass, eLearning Evangelist/Developer/Marketing, eLearning Brothers
  • Nic Brown, Director of Product & Design, eLearning Brothers
  • Mike Hruska, CEO, Problem Solutions
  • Bill Milstid, Senior Developer, eLearning Brothers
  • Rob Chadwick, Co-Founder, Veracity Technology Consultants
  • Stephen Baer, Head of Creative at The Game Agency
  • Misty Harding, Instructional Designer, eLearning Brothers
  • Jeff Batt, Founder, Learning Dojo
  • John Blackmon, CEO, Trivantis
  • Brandie Jenkins, Instructional Designer, eLearning Brothers
  • Clara Cummings, Manager of Customer Success, eLearning Brothers
  • Raul Lazo, Senior Account Executive, eLearning Brothers
  • Dr. David Christiansen, Instructional Designer, eLearning Brothers
  • Wilson Su’a-Filo, Account Executive, eLearning Brothers
  • Laura Silver, Chief Operating Officer, Trivantis
  • Nancy Reyes, Senior Learning Strategist, eLearning Brothers
  • Dan Frazee, Lead Developer, eLearning Brothers

Two eLearning Brothers employees in the webinar studio, prepping for eLBX OnlineAbove, where the webinar magic happens—our webinar studio


All of the session recordings and handouts (when applicable) are available now.


Week 1

eLBX Online started with the foundation of good eLearning—instructional design. Webinars covered the elements of good instructional design and how you can quickly create well-designed eLearning with eLearning Brothers Course Starters. This week included both hands-on tips and strategies for talking to stakeholders about the return on investment of good instructional design and benefits of templates. View archive.

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Week 2

Throughout the second week, we got into the nitty gritty of that xAPI thing is that everyone keeps talking about. Then, we showed attendees how to build xAPI statements in each of the top three authoring tools and what you can track. (Spoiler alert: If you’re using our templates, we already put the xAPI statements in there for you.) Lastly, we talked about using a Learning Record Store (LRS). View archive.

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Week 3

The third week explored the benefits of game-based learning and taught you how to build awesome, engaging games! WE covered everything from best practices to actually building an advanced game in Articulate Storyline. Special guests included Stephen Baer, Managing Partner and Head of Creative Strategy & Innovation at The Game Agency. View archive.

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Week 4

Once just a catchy buzzword, mobile learning is here and it’s here to stay. Week 4 went from the evolution of mobile learning to the benefits your company can reap from mLearning. In addition, we covered mobile development in Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline, and Lectora. View archive.

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Week 5

Week 5 introduced you to your new secret weapons—stock assets, cutout characters, pre-built scenarios, and more. Attendees learned how to make the most of these resources AND how to take your scenarios to the next level by adding a more human element to your eLearning writing. View archive.

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Week 6

Whether your eLearning is required to be Section 508-compliant or you just want your content to be more interactive, but still accessible for all learners, week 6 hit the spot. Speakers tackled what 508-compliance means, steps you can take to make a pre-built design more accessible, and unique ways to add interactivity to your courses. View archive.

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Note sure which to watch first? Here are a handful of the most popular webinars from eLBX Online.



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