Reimagining Procedural Training with VR and Games in 2023

Over the past few years, L&D leaders and learners have embraced virtual environments for most of their learning needs. Greater effectiveness and engagement is documented across virtual onboarding, compliance, skilling programs, and beyond, across diverse industries.

Did you know?
42% of companies that use eLearning generate more income, and on average, eLearning increases a learner’s retention rate to 82%.

Professionals who have spent decades in interventional medical device education believe virtual procedure training is here to stay. Thriving in the new digital setting, it offers immersive learning environments to a globally dispersed and diverse cohort of students. Similarly, in the manufacturing industry, employees report increased safety awareness, and develop conditioned responses, problem-solving skills, and muscle memory—most often even before they are on the job! The paradigm shift to facilitating and receiving virtual procedural training today is undeniable and has opened new doors in training methodologies and learning environments.

Through this ebook “Rethink Procedural Training with Virtual Reality and Games” discover how you can better align procedural training with learner engagement and training effectiveness. With virtual reality and games, rethink mundane procedural training and supercharge learning outcomes with ease. From skills training, safety training, or support programs and beyond, explore examples and real-world use cases from diverse industries. Gain a thorough understanding to confidently implement immersive learning experiences for your learners and objectives. 

The key topics that are explored at length in the ebook are:

  • How Virtual Reality (VR) can help you make your training more immersive
  • Examples of VR training experiences
  • Why Games and Game-Based Learning can make your training more engaging
  • Examples of training games
  • Learn how to implement games and VR into your training 
  • Understand how to measure your training success and maximize effectiveness

But first, why Virtual Reality and Games you may ask? These statistics give you the gist:

Images of statistics about virtual training and gaming

What do these numbers reveal? 

  • What makes immersive learning environments like virtual reality and game-based learning top the charts for learning effectiveness? 
  • How have companies capitalized on this trend?
  • What are the use cases and success stories of companies that are riding the wave?

This ebook will go on to address such burning questions. Comprehensively explore ways to implement games and virtual reality to make training immersive and engaging, and deliver better learning experiences for your learners.  

While there are many use cases for the effectiveness of virtual reality and games in procedural training, we want to put the spotlight on one such success story. 


Safety Training, Reimagined

The Challenge: UK’s leading supply chain company wanted training for three situations that were identified as its biggest risk areas in warehouses and during deliveries—cage falls, drop trailers, and red-light pull-offs. The company tried training on these topics before but it never really made any significant impact or improvements in the rate of incidents. Traditional training methods were followed including pdfs, handouts, slide presentations, etc. 

The Solution: Immersive training content using 360 videos and interactivity was created using the CenarioVR authoring tool. Staff doubled up as actors during video production and the content was delivered via its LMS. Mobile learning was enabled for the convenience of individual learners.

The Impact: The training created an engaging and authentic experience for its learners. The company witnessed an increase in course completion rates combined with a significant reduction in risk incidents after the training program was rolled out. 


For a video of the solution in practice, and for more such use cases and demo reels, download the free ebook here. 

Through virtual reality and games, you have an opportunity to make organizational learning fun and interactive, and deliver an engaging experience like no other.

If you’re ready to implement these proven strategies at your organization, here’s how you can get started:

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