Next Level Learning - From Passive Learning to Active Practice

How do you add active practice to your learning ecosystem?

In this recorded webinar, Learning Solutions Engineer Domenic Caloia and Rehearsal Account Executive Micah Eppler show you just that, featuring Rehearsal, a video practice and coaching system by ELB Learning.

It's a cloud-based system and it's available via web or mobile app.

There are two ways of deploying Rehearsal.

  1. One is as a standalone tool—totally separate from whatever learning platform and delivery tools you're using.
  2. Second, you could launch it from within an LMS. 

Rehearsal gives you the ability to actually see what your learners are doing. Are they performing up to the criteria where you want them to perform?

Consider this: With a regular asynchronous type of learning platform, where you're pushing learning to your learners, you could do a quiz or an assessment or a poll to find out what they thought about the training and how well they did. 

But will they perform that well on the job? You have to wait and see. Six months later, you go to evaluate if they’ve improved.

Have they improved enough? 

If they are not at the level of performance where you want them, and they're out selling or repping your company, how many dollars are you losing? How much potential income are you missing out on because they're not properly trained? 

The Rehearsal tool enables you to see exactly how someone is performing before you let them go out on the sales calls. 

Rehearsal follows a proven formula that is a three-step process. 


Most organizations are doing this already—you're training your employees, giving them information, etc.


This step is easy to do. Many online trainings have videos. You might even have live sessions where you actually show your employees how to do something. 


But the third component is to actually see how your employees are doing. That's not easy to integrate into your system. Unless, of course, you use Rehearsal.

The Cliff Notes explanation of Rehearsal is this:

Your manager gives you an assignment: “Give me a 30-second sales pitch on why our product is better than the competition.”

You record a video of yourself giving the sales pitch. It gets sent to your manager. (Note: On average users of the Rehearsal platform will practice five and a half to six times before submitting a video to their manager. Practice makes perfect!)

The management say one of two things. “It's definitely a fantastic job. I love the way you delivered that.” or “I like the way you started, but it kind of faltered towards the end, and we were actually looking for our three pillars of strengths. Try it again.”

It’s an iterative cycle over and over and over again. What's valuable about this is that you're scaffolding, you're supporting your employees, and you’re nurturing them along the path to excellence. 

Not only can users record videos and submit them to their manager or supervisor for review, but they can respond to posted videos and record their own videos, and they make text comments on videos.

Another huge benefit of the Rehearsal platform is that is provides some AI-based feedback.

That means the learner can get feedback in real time, without having to wait for a meeting with their manager or for their manager to have time to review their videos.

That’s just a very high-level overview of how Rehearsal works. There are other features, like creating learning paths with Intelligent Journeys and adding in Hotseat scenarios that allow you to create a truly engaging learning and effective experience.

Watch the recording below to see Micah Eppler give a demo of Rehearsal and explain some of those features in more detail.

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