Lights, Camera, Action! Video-Based Training Takes the Stage

Have you heard about online learning's latest star? Meet video-based practice and coaching.

This flexible, scalable learning strategy is shining bright across many industries and training needs. In this article, we're going to share a few real-world use cases. 

First, what is video-based training?

Video-based training using Rehearsal is a way to help your workers dramatically improve sales demos, product messaging, and soft skills by repeatedly responding to simulated scenarios. Using Rehearsal, prompt learners to submit videos and then incorporate feedback from mentors or AI on their next attempt.


Let's take a look at a few different industry case studies.


Financial Services

How Modern Woodmen of America Amps Up Employee Retention and Learner Engagement Through Streamlined Onboarding

Modern Woodmen of America is a member-owned fraternal financial services organization. Their L&D Managers wanted better control of the training matrix to generate meaningful data and infer learners’ and mentors’ engagement, which contributes to the overall business goals and objectives.

After implementing Rehearsal, Modern Woodmen is witnessing significant improvements—learners deliver better presentations that align with the brand, the feedback mechanism ensures mentors ramp up the time-to-productivity and time-to-proficiency of their team members, and the L&D team drives better learning through the ease of the tool and insights generated. 

"I personally think this is a great training tool and keeps all parties in the loop in a positive manner. It allows the financial representatives to have PDF copies of the language, see their videos firsthand, and allows mentors to critique constructively in a very efficient manner."

Daniel Frey, Managing Partner, Modern Woodmen"

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How 3M Uses Rehearsal’s Video-based Practice Platform to Prepare Sellers for Success in a Complex and Technical Clinical Environment

With highly technical products and a clinical sales approach, 3M needed to ensure that their more than 1,000 sales reps could deliver key messaging effectively. 3M implemented Rehearsal by ELB Learning to provide reps with a place to practice and perfect messaging in order to ensure success in an ever-changing technical sales environment. Since then, 3M has seen more accurate and consistent messaging and has greater confidence in the effective delivery of that message. 

"It’s become clear that practice does make perfect... it’s where learning really sticks."

Katie Petty, E-Learning Specialist, 3M

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How Chesterton Is Closing Skill Gaps Through Intuitive Sales Training

A.W. Chesterton is known for their award-winning pump and valve sealing solutions, applications expertise, equipment maintenance and wear-prevention products, and knowledgeable, hands-on local service.

Because they're responsible for selling all products—and it's a very expansive product suite!—team members are expected to go through Chesterton University for in-depth product knowledge sessions combined with sales enablement activities. 

The previous in-person and LMS-based training activities were clunky and time-consuming. Chesterton trialed Rehearsal, a video-based practice tool from ELB Learning, and was impressed with how the platform could efficiently address their pain points.

  • L&D Managers could easily navigate the platform and were impressed with its simplicity and how effectively the tool could help sales teams upskill faster and ultimately sell more.
  • With 150 licenses, the Rehearsal platform was accessible to all learners involved. 

"It’s made our lives so much easier! We can execute sales boot camps and other training camps across teams, across locations, and across countries! The results are consistent and phenomenal. Every learner/user who has experienced Rehearsal has only good things to say about the platform. Even initial video-skeptics embraced the tool, as they could witness changes—eye contact, communication, delivery, and so much more."

Mark Orlando, Global Training Manager, Chesterton

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