LECTORA LIVE! Busting ModDev Myths

Check out the recording of August’s LECTORA LIVE! session with the Lectora “Mod Squad.” This month, we debunked common myths about the new ModDev features in Lectora desktop and Lectora Online, as well as showed a few new asset releases.

For this webinar, we were joined by a few members of the Lectora Mod Squad: 

  • Chris Willis, Director of Product
  • Sheryl Coggins Director of Customer Success
  • Bill Milstid Senior Developer for Templates
  • Josh Bleggi, Product Manager

What is ModDev?

Our goal with ModDev was to create a system that helps our customers use Lectora to get their job done efficiently and meet business goals.

Modular System Design:

A collection of reusable components, guided by clear standards, that can be assembled together to build any number of applications.


Lectora ModDev includes these elements:

Frameworks - unstyled course logic and flow

Themes - perpetual “player” - header, footer, nav

Page Layouts - work with the modular grid system

Wireframes - drag-in interaction templates

Style Packs - create a unified brand

In the webinar, Josh Bleggi gave a quick overview of how ModDev works in Lectora Online. These features are available in both Lectora Online and Lectora desktop. Jump to 9:57 in the recording below to see Josh’s ModDev demo.

Starting with a Basic Linear Framework, Josh showed how to use these as a starting point for your course. Then you can drag in Wireframe interaction templates as needed and apply a Style Pack to brand your course.

He also showed some of the new, redesigned themes that we included in the Lectora 21 release.

A great resource for learning how to use Lectora ModDev, and Lectora in general, is the Getting Started in Lectora Online Quick Win Guide. We also have many other short articles in the Knowledge Base.

The 5 ModDev Myths

Lectora ModDev was a huge new release for us and with all new things, there are always questions. Jump to 29:50 to follow along as Chris Willis plays out Lectora Feud: The Top 5 ModDev Myths Edition.

Here are the top 5 biggest misconceptions about developing eLearning with Lectora ModDev.

  1. ModDev is a new app
  2. I have to start over from scratch
  3. ModDev is just templates
  4. ModDev is only for new projects
  5. ModDev is only for new users

The truth about ModDev?

We have not changed the way Lectora works or built a separate app. ModDev is just another way to utilize Lectora’s power!

If you don’t want to use ModDev, you don’t have to, and you definitely don’t have to start a whole new project to utilize the wireframe interactions or other features of ModDev.

Anyone can use ModDev to streamline their eLearning development—whether you're a beginner or experienced Lectora user!

Watch the full Lectora Live recording now:


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