eLearning Brothers Releases New Cybersecurity Off-The-Shelf Courses

Interactive microlearning courses on cybersecurity awareness are now available

American Fork, Utah — March 12, 2020 — Learning solutions company eLearning Brothers announced a new off-the-shelf courseware release today. The company added a Cybersecurity Awareness library to their existing libraries of Professional Development & Soft Skills, Preventing Discrimination & Harassment, Safety Training, the Griffin Hill Sales System, and other specialty training courses.

“Every day, cyber criminals are looking for new ways to target your business,” said Andrew Scivally, eLearning Brothers Co-founder and CEO. “We designed these off-the-shelf training courses to make it easy for every business, large or small, to protect themselves and their employees, at work and at home.”

The Cybersecurity Awareness off-the-shelf courses cover everything from general cybersecurity training to courses on data privacy and secure communication. Organizations can use these online cybersecurity awareness courses to help increase employee knowledge of cybersecurity best practices and keep themselves safe from malware, data breaches, and hacks.

eLearning Brothers Cybersecurity Awareness training modules are mobile-friendly, interactive, and based on the Rockstar Learning Model™. Short, bite-sized activities structured around the goals of ‘learn, rehearse, and perform’ keep the learners engaged and moving quickly through the content.

The courses are designed to be delivered in short bursts, spaced over time, to reinforce cybersecurity best practices on the job and increase learning retention. Alternatively, courses are grouped into curricula that can be delivered together in one sitting for businesses that prefer a more traditional learning approach.

“Our off-the-shelf microlearning courses are designed to be flexible for today's businesses and learners alike. What makes them stand out from the crowd is the quality of the instructional design and development that goes into the end product,” said Chris Willis, eLearning Brothers Senior Product Manager for Off-The-Shelf Courseware. “We work hard to design courses that will truly engage your learners with fresh, custom graphics that won’t look dated or stale in just a few years.”

All of the eLearning Brothers Off-The-Shelf Courseware libraries are ready for immediate learning delivery and can easily be added to your learning management system (LMS). eLearning Brothers also offers an LMS for companies looking for a comprehensive learning solution for their training program needs.

For more information, visit eLearningBrothers.com to schedule a demo of the Cybersecurity Awareness off-the-shelf courses.

About eLearning Brothers

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