ELBX Online 2022: Enhance Learning Impact and User Experience Using ELB Learning Suite of Tools

Janet Joseph, Assistant Vice President of the Lincoln Financial Group gives her insight on enhancing the impact of your learning in this 40-minute webinar from ELBX Online 2022. 

The Lincoln Financial Group has been an ELB Learning customer since 2006 and has used many ELB Learning products to enhance their learning:

  • Rockstar Learning Platform
  • The Training Arcade
  • Rehearsal

The Rockstar Learning Platform

Using this platform, Lincoln Financial Group (LFG) has built a virtual university. The Rockstar Learning Platform enables LFG to map its learning within the company hierarchy. So employees only see the content that’s part of their group, instead of sorting through everything. This creates a highly personalized and effective experience for each group within the company. 

In this virtual university, users are able to enroll in classes and their learning is tracked within the classes. This keeps learners accountable, lets administrators measure the success of different content and approaches, and allows admins more freedom. The learners move through the classes at their own pace and all the tracking is done by the software, so if admins need to turn their attention somewhere else, they can. 

The Training Arcade®

A powerful way The Lincoln Financial Group has been leveraging The Training Arcade is creating Trivia games to use in live events. A simple trivia game is a great way to get the audience engaged and participating in the event. Janet Joseph mentions that when LFG first tried gamification at a live event it was “incredibly well received by the attendees.” But it wasn’t just fun for participants, it was fun for the admin as well. Gamification brightened up the live event in a really memorable way. 


Lincoln has been running a program known as CAP for a while. Before Lincoln improved the functionality of their program through Rehearsal it worked like this: Attendees trained online for 12 weeks. At the end of that training was a session where each attendee was given a script to practice with while the rest of the class listened, and then the coach would give their feedback. 

With Rehearsal, attendees can now practice on their own making the training more time efficient and convenient. 

Watch the full webinar to hear more about how The Lincoln Financial Group has leveraged these ELB products: Enhance Learning Impact and User Experience Using ELB Learning Suite of Tools.