ELB Learning Sponsors Two Classrooms in India Through Rising Star Outreach Program

Rising Star Outreach is a non-profit dedicated to empowering individuals and families affected by the stigma associated with leprosy

American Fork, UT—September 13, 2022—ELB Learning, a learning technology and solutions provider with locations in the United States and India, announced they’ve fully funded two classrooms at the Peery Matriculation School for Rising Stars in Tamilnadu, India. Rising Star Outreach opened the Peery Matriculation School in 2010.

Rising Star Outreach’s mission is to lift up those with leprosy—offering medical care, colony development, and education. The Peery Matriculation School for Rising Stars provides education from kindergarten to 12th grade. Nearly 20% of the student body is comprised of children from surrounding villages. The school integrates children from the communities with children from the leprosy colonies, proving that fear and stigma can be overcome when they are united in common goals.

“As ELB Learning has grown over the past couple of years, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about how we might be able to better connect, serve, and give back to our community,” said Andrew Scivally. “ELB Learning’s mission is all about creating better learning experiences, and by supporting The Peery Matriculation School, we’re able to make a huge impact on these students’ learning experience.” 

By sponsoring classrooms, ELB Learning is helping provide students with:

  • An award-winning education
  • Mental and emotional support
  • Nutritious meals
  • Medical and dental care
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Celebratory events
  • Homework help

So far, ELB Learning has funded 2 classroom sponsorships, supporting a total of 60 students (30 students per classroom). In addition to financial support, employees of ELB Learning in Chennai, India are volunteering with the students.

“It had indeed humbled me down hearing their stories, yet how they never cease to smile and remain chirpy. Listening to their ideas and their expectations about the future, careers, and dreams gave us a broad idea as to where we could contribute,” said Devika M, Assistant Manager of Revenue & AR at Origin Learning, a division of ELB Learning.


ELB Learning’s office in Chennai has a goal of completing 40 hours of service per quarter with the Peery Matriculation School. The goal is to provide opportunities for the students to see and interact with mentors in their community.

“I believe it's important to give back to society what we took from it. I became who I am because of certain people who chose to help and it feels good to give it back. I hope to see in students a transformation and improved confidence while interacting in a social setup,” said K. Sivaraman, Executive Instructional Designer at Origin Learning, a division of ELB Learning.

Watch this short video to see some of the students ELB Learning is supporting at the Peery Matriculation School.

To learn more about ELB Learning, visit https://www.elblearning.com/. To learn more about Rising Star Outreach, visit https://risingstaroutreach.org.