Microlearning On the Rise: How Bite-sized Learning Creates Big Engagement

“I saw it on TikTok!” is becoming “I learned it on TikTok!”

There are reasons for that. 

Different generations prefer different types of learning. Gen-Z has been turning to TikTok and YouTube for tips and tricks to help them with their jobs – from how to handle tough conversations to the nuances of using Excel. They want content that's hyper-focused on a single topic delivered to them in a digestible yet entertaining format. 

Overall, our attention spans are shrinking to an average of 47 seconds on a screen, everyone is being tasked to do more with less, and we’re often working on the go or at a different location every week. For me, it’s everywhere from up in the air to the cafe down the block. 

For this and many other reasons, microlearning is on the rise. 

5 Key Benefits Of Microlearning For Training 

In stark contrast to the two-hour, lean-back webinar some of us have experienced, microlearning is training content delivered in "bite-sized, " focused bursts. It typically lasts less than 10 minutes. Let's take a closer look at the reasons why microlearning is resonating. 

Improved Learner Retention 

According to the Association for Talent Development, microlearning can increase retention rates by up to 20%. Instead of being bombarded with an influx of information all at once, microlearning keeps it short and sweet. This way, there isn't enough time to get distracted; there is only enough time to absorb the information. And because it’s in bite-size chunks, learners can experience learning moments more often. That sort of spaced repetition has been proven to enhance long-term memory in many studies, including this one from the University of Pittsburgh.

Just-in-Time Learning 

Microlearning content allows learners to choose from courses that match where they are in their learning journey. For example, if a salesperson needs a quick refresher on objection handling before hopping into a call with a prospective customer, they can tap into a course that specifically covers just that – instead of having to cut through the clutter of a much longer course to find what they need. When learning is accessible exactly when it's needed, learners can apply it in the flow of their work. This makes the skills stick while productivity and performance improve. 

Increased Flexibility 

One of the biggest benefits of microlearning is that learners can complete training anytime, anywhere – whether it’s in between Zoom meetings or when waiting for a flight for the next industry conference. They can work at their own pace when it fits into their schedule. Gone are the days of having no time for professional development.  


According to Ray Jimenez, Ph.D., microlearning can reduce development costs by 50% and increase the speed of development by 300%, while still achieving the same learning outcomes as traditional training methods. With the right tools, microlearning avoids the need for elaborate, over-the-top platforms that take months to build out just one course. 

Ease of Interactivity 

ATD reported that organizations that incorporate hands-on activities or simulations into microlearning are more likely to report that their efforts are effective. For example, a sales team can participate in quick, video-based practice scenarios. They upload a self-recorded video responding to the instructor's sales prompt, receive instant feedback, and try again until they feel comfortable. This instant application of feedback reinforces the learning. 

Meet MicroBuilder™: Your Ultimate Content Creation Companion  

Microlearning isn’t just a trend that will fade. It’s the future of learning – meeting us where we are and empowering us all to level up our skills in ways that blend into our lives and work styles. That’s why we built a tool to make it easy – MicroBuilder™. 

In case you missed our demo at Learning Technologies London, MicroBuilder™ is a rapid authoring tool that creates engaging microlearning. It allows everyone—regardless of technical background—to quickly build custom learning modules (text, video, images, quizzes, etc.) that can be delivered on their learning platforms. 

MicroBuilder™ also arms learners with:

  • Access the entire ELB Learning Stock Asset Library
  • Hosted SCORM deployment published once and distributed seamlessly to any third-party LMS to share your content with learners across the globe – no re-uploading necessary
  • AI-powered translation capabilities transcribing copy and translating video into 75 languages….and much more to come, AI-wise.

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