Building the Perfect HR Training Program - Part 2


Building the Perfect HR Training Program - Part 2

A few years ago, Harvard University, Boston College, and the University of Michigan released a study on how soft skills training increases productivity.

They determined that soft skills training—like communication, customer service basics, and problem-solving—increases productivity and retention by 12%, plus delivers a 250% return on investment due to that higher productivity and retention.

In today’s fast-paced global economy, companies need to be dynamic, adaptable, and interconnected. Soft skills are critical to achieving this.

In our eBook guide, 10 Must-Have Training Courses for Your HR Program, we outline the 3 most important topic areas to cover when training new or existing employees. They are compliance, soft skills, and management training.

The good news is, soft skills ARE something you can learn, and you don’t have to be a communication expert to train your employees. Using off-the-shelf courseware, you can deliver a robust soft skills training program with a snap of your fingers. (Okay, there’s some typing and mouse-clicking required too, but it’s pretty easy to implement soft skills training in a short period of time using off-the-shelf courseware.)

Of course, you want to make sure you’re offering your learners engaging, quality eLearning content. Ask to see a preview of the courses before you purchase, so you can ensure they’re interactive and don’t contain dated design elements.

Off-the-Shelf Courseware Features to Look for:

  • Microlearning format
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Video snippets
  • Mobile-responsive design

Soft Skills Courses To Include in Your HR Training Program:

Communicating with Others

When we take the time to strengthen our communication skills, we become more effective at work, we get more things done, and people enjoy working with us. This course will help you strengthen your personal communication skills and become more effective at work.

Email and Text Etiquette

This series explores the advantages and disadvantages of using email and text messages in the workplace and helps explain times when neither are appropriate. Learn about etiquette tips, see examples of well written electronic business messages and understand how to apply all of this on the job.

You can find these soft skills courses, and more for managers and employees, in the eLearning Brothers Off-the-Shelf Course Library. Contact us to learn how you can add your own company branding to our off-the-shelf courses!

Download our free guide, 10 Must-Have Training Courses for Your HR Program, and get more tips on how to build your HR training program, plus see the other course areas we recommend covering.

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