Mastering the Storyline Gameshow Game Template

Gameshow game template for storyline

For years, people have been enjoying our eLearning Games. This new quiz-like nature game lends itself perfectly to the eLearning environment. Many forms have existed over the years, but now with our popular “GameShow” Storyline template, you can recreate an experience similar to America’s most famous game show— with a Storyline game template!

Gameshow template for Storyline, showing main board

Much like a television game show, this game template gives the learner a handful of subjects to choose from, each with a few questions of varying point value. Unlike our some quiz shows, however, each question can be a different type of question, like multiple choice, multiple response, and true or false.

gameshow question screen

How to Use the Storyline Gameshow Game Template

As a developer, this game template is a great way to gamify your quizzable content. And since the gameplay demands some prior knowledge, "GameShow" is perfectly suited to the end of a course as a comprehensive review. However, you can integrate it at whatever point you wish. Learn more about how to use this Articulate Storyline Game in this video.

"GameShow" is also available in a variety of different authoring tools and formats, including:

  • Articulate Storyline
  • Adobe Captivate (Responsive)
  • Lectora
  • PowerPoint
  • Adobe Edge Animate
  • Flash

Looking for a Responsive Gameshow Game Template?

We've got you covered! This game template is nothing if it isn’t versatile, rendering well for each desktop, tablet, or mobile device you wish to view it on. That means multi-device piece of mind for you! Click here for an Adobe Captivate Template of this Gameshow game.

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