eLearning Brothers Spreads Holiday Cheer With eLearning iPads

eLearning Brothers Spreads Holiday Cheer With eLearning iPads_Blog Header

100% of eLearning Professionals Surveyed Agreed a Free iPad Would Generate Holiday Cheer


As part of the ongoing mission to revolutionize the eLearning industry and inspire awesomeness, eLearning Brothers is giving away an iPad a day for 15 days in December. In addition to a free iPad, each winner will receive access to a library of fully-built, customizable eLearning courses.

“eLearning Brothers is excited to get into the spirit of the holidays,” said Andrew Scivally, eLearning Brothers co-founder and president. “This year, we’re making the holidays even better with 15 days of free iPads.”

eLearning professionals are signing up in droves to participate in a demo on how to create the most effective eLearning for their companies, which enters them to win an iPad. Hopeful winners can visit the Schedule a Demo page, select a time, and sign up for a free demo on eLearning Brothers products and tools including fully customizable, pre-built courses, templates and cutout people, The Training Arcade™ game creator, and more. Demos will be tailored to the attendee’s specific needs and interests. Each day, one demo attendee will win a free eLearning iPad! There are only 48 slots available each day, which means every registrant has a 1 in 48 chance of winning.

“As the saying goes, ‘an iPad a day keeps the Grinch away,’” said Curtis Morley, eLearning Brothers director of marketing. “Winning a free iPad complete with amazing eLearning courses will definitely bring some holiday cheer this season. We can’t wait to give them away.”

Visit the Schedule a Demo page to see full contest rules and restrictions. US residents only.