7 Tasks Rockstars Check Off Before Kickoff: Step 6


7 Tasks Rockstars Check Off Before Kickoff- Step 6

Welcome back to our series covering each step of the 7 Tasks Rockstars Check Off Before Kickoff. You are THIS close to being a project management rockstar!

We are on step 6 today!

Need a refresher on what these steps are all about?

Our custom eLearning development team utilizes a project management strategy that starts with a Readiness call—before we kickoff of a project. During this call, we gather vital information that sets our team up for eLearning development success. Hear all about it in this webinar.

During a Readiness call, we go over 7 specific areas with our clients, gathering information and details that will help us stay on target to meet our scoped budget and timeline.

Step 1 determined the roles and responsibilities of all the key players on your project.

Step 2 defined your client’s success criteria.

Step 3 outlined the project scope.

Step 4 covered how to explain project phases.

Step 5 showed you how to plan for contingencies.

Today we’re talking about Step 6: Project-Specific Clarifications

It’s time to dive deeper into the nitty-gritty of your project. Here are the 3 main areas you want to cover in this step:

  1. Look & Feel
  2. Storyboarding
  3. Development

What do we mean by “look and feel?” Start by asking your client if they have a company style guide or specific branding rules. For example, here at eLearning Brothers we have a specific shade of orange, as well as guidelines about how the logo can be used—how much space needs to be around it, what color background to use, etc. During this conversation, find out if your client prefers a photorealistic style versus illustrated and any other style-related questions you have.

Then, confirm that the content they’ve provided is accurate and ready for you to put into a storyboard. No use storyboarding with incorrect content!

Lastly, get into the tech talk. Are they expecting responsive design, xAPI tracking, do they have video files already or do they want you to create videos, and if so, what sort of video style?

Covering project-specific clarifications early on puts you in a good place for development. You’re almost ready for kickoff!

In the next (and final) post, we’ll be talking about everyone’s favorite step—agreeing on a timeline. Until then, download the Top Strategies to Avoid a Change of Scope checklist to start implementing these techniques in your eLearning development.

Download the checklist to see all the steps rockstars check off before kickoff.

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