Why We're Excited for eLBX Live—And You Should Be Too!


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 There’s only 34 days left until eLBX Live 2019 and if you’re not excited then you simply don’t know enough about what it is! We asked several of our employees what they are most excited about and here’s what they shared.


Bill Milstid - Loves Helping Other Developers

“One of my favorite things about last yeah was the chance to get together with attendees directly, hash out the problems that they were facing with their day to day development projects, and help them come up with neat and creative solutions to those problems.”


Doug Lange - Can't Wait to See Repeat Attendees

“What excites me the most is that the client who came last year said 'let us know when this happens again next year because we really want to come again. It was very useful, very practical,' they said—they loved it! It was great getting that type of feedback.”


Andrew Vass - Psyched About His Presentation

“I’ll be presenting a session on how you can become efficient with course starters and I’d love to see you there!”


Scott Condie - Wants to See Your Smiling Face

“We’re excited to come and meet you guys. We talk to you on the phone quite a bit but this is a great opportunity to see you guys face to face.”


Todd Cummings - Ready to Share His Passion

“We want to showcase and share with you some of the awesomeness that we’ve been making here…It’s an opportunity for us to show you some of the amazing learning that we’ve built over the course of the last year.”


Some other reasons to be excited for eLBX Live 2019:


  1. Up close access to industry leaders
  2. Learn ways to improve your experience with the eLearning Brothers templates and services
  3. Have a ton of fun with eLearning Brothers
  4. Check out the beautiful state of Utah
  5. Learn about Learning Strategies
  6. Learn about Learning Technologies
  7. Learn about Interactivity and Engagement
  8. See Leena Rinne, Michael Noble, Hadiya Nuriddin, and Clint Pulver
  9. Fun evening entertainment
  10. Be inspired to rock!

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