Why a Good Learning Experience Doesn’t Matter If You Don’t Have the Data to Prove it

How do you create the best learning environment for successful training? The type of learning you’re creating will impact how the material is delivered and what sort of learning platform you need. As part of our learning strategy services, ELB Learning considers these factors when working with organizations and we help you come up with the best delivery and tracking strategy. 

By listening to your input and concerns, we help you build a learning system that incorporates modern technology and helps you measure what your learners are taking away from the training. As your organization/business grows and you add more employees, you’ll want to make sure they’re being productive in their roles as quickly as possible. Here is where training is essential in providing a process and guidelines to help employees become confident workers. The ideal training will be tied to business outcomes and be able to prove behavior change or knowledge retention.

That’s where ELB Learning steps in. We can assist in building your learning foundation. Or, in this case, implementing a Learning Management System (LMS) that integrates seamlessly with your existing technology. Read on to discover why our Rockstar Learning Platform is arguably the preferred training platform.

In a survey conducted this year, we discovered that 33.6% of individuals value the learner experience but found their metrics needed improvement. 

As true believers in using metrics to help measure success, we see the potential of missing out on access to this information. Metrics play a factor in how you conduct and develop your training for future use. The more we keep an eye on the data collected, the more we can work out any kinks. 

For example, our client Hoopis Performance Network runs HPN University on the Rockstar Learning Platform. They’ve stated that the user-friendly backend enables managers and salespeople to easily export data and use that information to increase usage and adoption of the learning platform.

Analyzing learner activity data and pass/failure reports indicates the learners’ retention (or lack thereof) and the adjustments needed to continue producing employees who continue to work with better results. By using metrics and an LMS you can create a blueprint for how to continue your courses. The more control you have over your training, the more fit it will be for your learners. 

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