Welcome to the Family - New Diverse Cut Out Characters

Picture this: You’re a parent and your daughter has told you they are bringing someone very special home to meet you for the first time. She brings a young man home and you can tell within the first few minutes of meeting him that he just fits.

His sense of humor, his personality, maybe even the way he looks just makes you think, this is someone I want in the family. So when he asks for your daughter's hand in marriage, you can’t agree fast enough and you all live happily ever after. 

Adding to the Cutout Character Family

I'm not a parent, so I've never personally had the above experience. However, this feeling of love and happiness is how I feel about our new cutout characters joining the Asset Library family.

Cutout characters have been a key piece of what makes the eLearning Brothers Asset Library an industry-leading product. Over the years we have added hundreds of characters from diverse backgrounds, industries, and ages. 

With the shifting landscape of today’s diverse workforce, we’ve received a variety of requests from customers to continue to add diversity to our Cutout Character Library

We’ve also had people say that, much like our uncle who is still wearing tube socks with sandals, our characters could use a wardrobe update. 

We hear you and that’s why I’m so happy to introduce you to the new members of the eLearning Brothers Cutout People Library.



Spunky and adventurous, Alexa will engage your learners with her friendly personality. When she's not guiding learners through online training, she can be found cooking her favorite Latin American foods and or attending local concerts.



Jayden's here to add some style and sass to your course. Jayden organizes his town's PRIDE parade and he'll give your learners their marching orders too!



Jerry might not be on Tik Tok, but he still knows how to rock an eLearning course. In his free time, he enjoys playing with his grandkids and collecting model cars from all the Fast and Furious movies.



Fashion-forward Kai is the perfect friendly face to welcome your learners. A social butterfly, her go-to potluck dish is Crunchy Polynesian Pork Salad and she always has good conversation starters.



Don't let the business attire fool you. On the weekends, Zair can be found leading an African dance troupe or joining her friends for girls' night. She'll bring that same energy to your online training course.

Each of these characters are modern and diverse and bring something unique to the Library. They are perfect to use in a variety of eLearning scenarios and or presentations.

Personally, I love how different each character is and I’m excited to see what our customers do with them.

Try them out for yourself directly in Lectora® Desktop or Lectora Online. Or you can download them directly from the eLearning Brothers Asset Library to use in another application.

Learn more about the new cutout characters in this short video:

Whatever you do, have fun, be creative, and show us what you do with them in the eLearning Brothers Rockstars Community.

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