Webinar: Save on Editing Time With Camtasia Animations and Behaviors

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With the release of Camtasia 9 back in 2016 we gained a whole slew of new animations called "behaviors." What's more, animations themselves became easier to use with more preset options.

In this webinar, Andrew Townsend demonstrated some cool tricks available in Camtasia 9, Camtasia 2018, and Camtasia 2019. Using behaviors and animations, you can quickly create awesome visuals for your videos.

Andrew dove right into behaviors and animations, showing attendees how to tweak behavior styles, movement, direction, speed, and more to create a really custom behavior for your on-screen text. Next, he demonstrated a slick way to animate images coming on and off your screen. You can easily replicate his steps for your videos.

In addition to behaviors and animations, Andrew briefly talked about utilizing Camtasia custom themes to save development time.

How to create and save your own theme:

Open the Theme Manager.

  • Windows users: go to File, Manage Themes.
  • Mac users: go to the Camtasia menu and choose Manage Themes.

In the Theme Manager, choose up to five colors and two fonts to associate with your new custom theme. You can also add a logo to your theme. If you add a logo, it will automatically be pulled in when you use Camtasia's lower thirds templates.

Watch the recording below to see Andrew's tips on using Camtasia behaviors and animations in your eLearning videos:



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