Prove It! ROI of Virtual Reality Training: 3 Extraordinary Case Studies

Wondering what kind of return on investment you can get from virtual reality training? 

In this week’s webinar, John Blackmon, the CTO of eLearning Brothers, shared examples of real-life immersive learning projects built by Transition Associates for Fendi, Illumina Interactive for a nonprofit, and Vanderbilt University’s School of Nursing. 

In addition to showing you how they did it, he shared the results of each Virtual Reality project. And they are some GOOD results!

But first, let’s talk about the reasons to switch to an immersive, VR learning solution.

Benefits of Immersive Training

Attention Rate

Immersive learning gets 100% attention

Retention Rate

VR learning has shown an 80% retention rate 1 year after training, traditional training as low as 20% after 1 week

Engagement Rate

Gamified immersive learning is “stickier” than other forms of learning

Freedom to Fail

Mistakes make in virtual reality are mistakes not made in reality

Each of the projects John Blackmon showcased in this webinar had different reasons for needing training, but they all choose to explore an immersive training solution and they all experienced significant results. 

ROI of Virtual Reality Training


First, Fendi wanted to deploy a mobile-based health, safety, and security training program for front-of-house workers in its retail location. One of the big topics in this training was theft reduction. Because of the high retail value of Fendi’s products, reducing theft has a huge impact on their bottom line.

One of our international partners Transition Associates/Video Interact, developed interactive 360 video using CenarioVR and incorporated these video scenarios into a Lectora Online course. 

In the recording below, you can see John walk through some of the interactions in the course and talk more about the instructional design choices made.

ROI for Fendi’s Immersive Health, Safety & Security Training

  • 55% theft reduction
  • 400% ROI
  • Positive learner feedback


When the coronavirus pandemic forced the Center for Information & Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP) to cancel their live health fair in Chicago, they looked for a virtual reality solution.

Using CenarioVR®, CISCRP’s agency partner, Illumina Interactive, created an engaging virtual experience that felt REAL and earned high marks from exhibitors and attendees alike. Watch the recording below to see the virtual health fair experience.

ROI for Virtual Health Fair

  • Maintained consistent attendance rates, despite the switch to virtual
  • Increased number of sponsors and exhibitors
  • 40% cost reduction over the cost of running in-person events


Point of care ultrasound is the stethoscope of the 21st century. The Vanderbilt University School of Nursing has a growing student population and was looking for a way to effectively train more students. However, the cost of more ultrasound devices and enough experienced faculty to give students the best learning experience was prohibitive.

So they created a virtual reality ultrasound training module and published the output to Google Cardboard, Oculus Go, and HTML5 on the web. Students are able to see multiple views of the patient, the ultrasound imaging, and add anatomical overlays.

ROI for Virtual Ultrasound Training

  • Vanderbilt avoided the need to buy more ultrasound machines
  • The University was able to continue instructing students despite the coronavirus pandemic

Watch the recording below to see these courses in action and learn more about the ROI of virtual reality immersive learning.

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