Webinar: Make Amazing eLearning With Our Newest Captivate Course Starters


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eLearning Brothers just added 4 new Captivate Course Starters to the eLearning Template Library! With so many new layouts, quizzes, and interactions to choose from, we thought we’d give you a quick refresher on how easily you can create awesomeness with these templates.

In last week's webinar, eLearning developer Andrew Vass showed you how to customize our Course Starter templates to fit your organization’s branding, add your own content, and more.

What are Course Starters?

Course Starters are a pack of template styles combined into 1 download file. You no longer have to search the library for matching templates and download them one by one. And, all of our templates feature as many natively built objects as possible, plus source files for any objects or graphics built outside of the authoring tool. Our Captivate Course Starters are all built in Captivate 2019. They will not work in older versions of Captivate, but we do have other templates in our library that will work in past Captivate versions.

Tip 1: Download the Fonts file first.

If you try to open the templates without having downloaded the Fonts file, the fonts specific to that design won't load. You'll be stuck with boring system fonts. No one wants that! But don't worry, your learners don't need to have that font installed on their system. Our Course Starters include some built-in JavaScript to make sure the fonts work for everyone.

Tip 2: Replace, don't delete.

When working with these Course Starters, if you want to change an image that's used in an interaction, be sure to use the replace image function instead of just deleting the image. If you delete the image, it will break any associated variables and advanced actions.

For more tips on working with Course Starters in your eLearning projects, watch the video below.





 Visit our eLearning Template Library to download our newest Captivate Course Starters, or sign up for a 7-Day Free Trial.


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